Where The Winds Take Us : aere TURNS 4

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28th October 2018.
aere TURNS 4 today. 
It's aere's 4th birthday / anniversary! 
A special date for aere.
aere's fourth birthday since the date of its launch of the very first collection on 28th October 2014.

I blogged about aere turning 3 last year and so, so much has happened ever since. On aere's 3rd birthday last year we had aere's first fashion show in Singapore at the Singapore Fashion Week showcasing the CHANGE collection and this year around the same time we had a show but in a different way. We showcased our first aereMEN workwear and casual wear collection through a collaboration with RUFFEDGE called the aereMEN x RUFFEDGE collection. It wasn't a fashion show per se but we debuted a collection in Singapore at Ruffedge's concert! After that just 2 days ago we had a meet-and-greet and it was definitely another milestone for aere. All the looks worn at the concert in Singapore by the 6 members of Ruffedge: Amer Munawwer, Azan Adin, Cat Farish, Mode, Sein and Zain Hamid were all from the #aereMENxRUFFEDGE collection.

Check out CHANGE in NATIONAL GALLERY SINGAPORE that I wrote about aere's 3rd birthday on 28th October 2017. This was how I ended the post last year:

"CHANGE. In 2016, I was at National Gallery Singapore not even knowing what the future beholds. In 2017, aere had its first fashion show at the same amazing venue. Things and circumstances can definitely change drastically and dramatically in one year.  For aere and me, personally. May this year change even more drastically in a positive direction."

Definitely. It's the same thing. Change is definitely constant. Looking at where I am now, I definitely didn't know what the future had in store for me. As I've blogged about in my previous posts I need to focus on my health now so because of that, the things that I might have easily done before became impossible for me to do. I wasn't there for the aereMENxRUFFEDGE debut in Singapore at Ruffedge's concert, I had to call off aere's KLFW show this year due to my health reasons and I was in the hospital for 3 weeks during the whole time KLFW was going on. It might all look pretty negative but I believe God is making a drastic change in my life in a positive direction because finally I've given focus to my health. Change is not easy sometimes. Accepting change can be even harder. Especially when you have to let go of something  that you are so passionate about and love so much. But there comes a time when you have to prioritise and choose which one is more important and which ones you can live without. And right now, the focus for me is to take care of my health that I have been neglecting the past few years.

I blogged about aereTURNS3 in Singapore on 29th October 2017 a day after aere's fashion show so you can head there to read about what aere was up to in Singapore. Also shared the looks showcased on the day aereTURNS3 in CHANGE on the Runway : Singapore Fashion Week 2017 .

I have so many things I want to write about but I have to keep this short as I cannot sit down for too long and blogging and I really want to post this out today. I want to thank YOU and everyone who has supported, worn and loved aere in all the different ways. Please read aereTURNS3 with YOU. I just read it again and watched the videos that I posted in that entry as a message to all aere lovers and I meant every single word till this very day. I even did an aereTURNS3 Special. Stay tuned to aere's IG because something special is coming your way on the 30th October 2018 in conjunction with aere's birthday and its MASSIVE. You really would not want to miss the 1-day special.

Since after we went to Singapore in October 2017 during aere's 3rd birthday, we have really been places, unexpectedly. We soared our wings where the winds took us. aere was the only Malaysian brand to be invited to Dubai at the Dubai Modest Fashion Week in December 2017. A few months after that in February 2018, we had our first fashion show in London at the London Modest Fashion Week 2018 and our third time exhibiting at Pure London. And right after that in March we went to our second fashion show in Dubai and also participated in a trade show exhibition. I also managed to fit in a short mentorship course with Rabia Z in the midst of all that while I was in Dubai.


In between it all, I managed to squeeze in a number of OOTDs in the form of photos and videos in Dubai, London and KL and since it's aere's special day today, I just wanted to share this video featuring my looks in aere captured in London, Dubai and KL this past year. 

In this post, I am wearing some of my favourite pieces from the CHANGE collection as showcased in KLFW, Singapore Fashion Week October 2017 and exhibited at Dubai Modest Fashion Week and also pieces from the PEACE collection which was showcased at our first show in Dubai December 2017 and our second fashion show in Dubai in March 2018. Personally for me, the CHANGE collection really has to be one of my most favourite collections that I have ever done and I am very proud of it as it's been showcased in Singapore, London and Dubai. BTW, the entire CHANGE collection is now on 50% off. No need to thank me. This is for you! And no, this is not even the big 1-day special surprise we have in store for you. You really have to stay tuned for that.

We also had our Eid fashion show right after that at Publika with Fashion Valet and our first show at the Ritz Hotel with Modvier and we featured our first aere Scarves this year together with matching Eid pieces for men and kids. And then of course, we just launched our aere collaboration with Ruffedge featuring workwear and casual wear for the gentlemen.

Alhamdulillah. All praises to the Almighty for all these opportunities and blessings for aere. I've been unwell recently but I am blessed with an amazing aere TEAM who made sure that the production and everything else behind the scenes have gone smoothly and really really really well and I'm also grateful for all of my understanding partners while I'm still on medical leave.

This video is a collection of snippets of me travelling in aere pieces from the CHANGE and PEACE collection shot throughout the past 1 year during aere's travels in London which was captured by Abdullah Khubayb aka @kneok, Dubai by Hazimah Hanafi and Kuala Lumpur by Kery. The editing of this video is by Kery.

aere is a year older. Wow. Just letting it sink in. I can't believe it's been four years since I started this brand from scratch with the help of so many people (I can't even begin to name them) who each have been an important part of this journey with me from the start. aere will always have a special place in my heart. It is a brand I built from scratch with my own sweat, blood, bones, tears and smiles and the support of all those around me. All praises to the Almighty for giving me the strength for the past few years to build aere, despite my health conditions. I have given aere my all, until I literally have nothing else to give but my love and support due to my health conditions. Please do give your continuous support to aere. If one day I am no longer around, I hope aere will continue to survive with your support. That said, for now although I have been and still am on medical leave, I don't plan on going anywhere, don't you worry. Let's see what the future holds for us. But don't ask me what's going to happen because I can't even guess what's going to happen to myself what more what's going to be in store for the next year!


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