Thursday, May 28, 2015

White Shine

Hello my dear lovely readers. I know I've been hinting that I've been busy with a lot of things. It's in the horizon, so I can't really reveal it yet. It's been a really whirlwind of a few weeks for me, and it hasn't even ended yet! Today is another important day for me as I'll be meeting a few big players in the fashion industry to present to them what aere is about and talk to them about a new collection that I'm working so hard on designing new looks and pieces with my team this past few weeks. Exciting times now!

In between it all, I was invited to appear on the tv show Bella NTV7 two days ago, too. It was about being a fashion blogger and also a little bit about aere. Did you guys catch it? 

If not, you guys can watch it at TONTON (link). I was still recovering from flu and coughing, which affected my normal voice. That's why I sounded a little funnier than usual. Anyway, I'll do an update of that later. 

Today, I just thought I'd do a quick update before I leave Malaysia tomorrow for a quick getaway. :D I've been asked a lot about my look in my previous post aere Fashion Show 2015 : Part 1.

I wore the aere's white LILIUM Sequinned Cardigan over my gold HEDERA Glister Top and matched it with a white TILIA Sequinned Pants.  I think you can tell that I love the clean white look, but the added subdued sparkle gave the look a little glamorous touch suitable for the occasion. 

However, it was also important that whatever I wore was comfortable. I was running around behind the scenes and backstage that night to do the final touches on the models and make sure that everything was right together with the team. The white LILIUM and TILIA didn't affect my movements at all. I purposely made sure that the TILIA has a relaxed, loose cut so it's not too tight. It's releasing today at FV.

Unlike the attention catching sequins on the ZERENE, the sequin shines on the white, black and gold Tilia are deliberately very subtle, so you can wear them even during the day time without it looking too over the top and overpowering your other outfit pieces.  I know I can dress it up or dress it down with this sequinned pants. I guess by now, you would probably already notice that I'm in love with all things sequins and I'm really happy with the Tilia :)

I wore my aere pieces that day with my fav pair of gold heels and a Blurred Lines dUCKscarves. People were saying that, the look is so me that night because of the colours. Hehe. Because it is me! Alhamdulillah it was an amazing night for me and I'm glad I wore a look that made me feel comfortable and confident. (after all the nervousness prior to the show) ;p Photos taken by my brother Raja Nadhil Aqran @naqran @nadhilaqran 

Til my next post :)


Monday, May 25, 2015

aere Fashion Show 2015 : Part 1

Last two weeks has been a crazy super busy week. Good kind of busy with sleepless nights. :) I could barely sleep more than 2 hours every night because I was so nervous and excited all at the same time. It was aere's first solo fashion show last week. I'm blessed to have creative, talented and hardworking ladies around me who helped out when I was preparing for aere EID Fashion Show 2015 on 19th May at Royale Chulan KL presenting aere x dUCK collection in conjuction with Gaya Koleksi Raya 2015. Today is the whole day catalogue shoot for that collection, tomorrow I have an interview with Bella NTV7 and this Wednesday will be the campaign shoot for the aere x dUCK collection. Breatheee. 

At the same time since my post aere On Air - Interview with the BFM Radio Station, other than working on the fashion show at Royale Chulan KL I've also been busy working on another new major collection for an upcoming fashion show happening in a few months time insyaAllah. I remember I hinted about these two fashion shows in my post Powering Confidence.

To be honest, I was super nervous before aere's first solo fashion show last week. I only had less than 2 weeks to prepare for it and the other collection for the upcoming fashion show. I was busy with preparing the looks, meetings with stylists, inviting guests, inviting media and sending out press releases, runninga contest on aere's IG, seating arrangements etc. After the show, I was on a natural high as the show went very well and smoothly. Alhamdulillah.

I'm so overwhelmed by the amount of help I received prior to the show, backstage during the show and mostly all the amazing support by those who came to see the show. 

I really wished I could invite everyone who wanted to come to the show including more than 160 of those who entered the giveaway on aere's instagram to win the invites, but I could only pick 10. I also couldn't invite all family and friends as the seats were very very limited. I'm glad that everyone who RSVP'd turned up at the show except one or two.

Since I couldn't invite invite everybody to show, just a day before the show I decided to  hire a personal videographer to capture the moments at the show. One of closest friends, my sister who's getting married the same week of the show couldn't make it to the show reminded me to record the show too for memories sake and for them to have a look at it as they were going to miss it.

I'm so excited to share more soon, about the behind the scenes, the people who helped out, those who came, about the show, about the collection itself and much much more but in the meantime, have a look at the 15 seconds video below for a feel of how the fashion show looked like. Will share the full video here in the blog pretty soooonn!!!

Thank you to everyone who came to the show and for supporting me through social media. I can't even begin to express how I really, really appreciate your attendance and support. I planned to meet each and everyone who came to support aere but I'm so sorry that I didn't get to speak to everyone as the number of guests who came as well as guests from the media really overwhelmed me personally. I hope that all of you had  a lovely experience. I'd like everyone to know how much your support means to me. It means a LOTTTT!! Now, it's pushing me to give and share even more.

Thank you so so much everyone for all the love and support. I'm so inspired and motivated  to work even harder.

Do check out updates on my personal IG and aere's IG as well as hashtags : #aereEID2015 #aerexdUCK.  

Photo by Sam
Video by Najmin 


Saturday, May 9, 2015

aere On Air - Interview with the BFM Radio Station

Couldn't believe it! I had my first ever radio station interview by Azura with BFM this week and it's going to be broadcast in half an hour! 

In my previous post Powering Confidence , I mentioned that I went for the interview. I may have not mentioned that I was actually quite nervous!!! When I was in the car on the way to the venue and when I had arrived at the building, I was so nervous that I hesitated to press the door bell of the BFM office. I didn't show it to anyone though except @kneok who accompanied me to give me moral support.

But as soon as I stepped in, my nerves began to calm as I met a few BFM peeps who were super duper friendly and came up to say hi to me. I was then introduced to the very bubbly, loud and cheerful host, Azura in the waiting room. When she came in, we exchanged pleasantries and she started to ask me a few questions about myself that made me felt that the interview had already started. Hehe. But Azura and the questions she asked on the with of my careers, blogging and aere made me very comfortable. But because I already shared with her a few things while waiting for the equipment to be set up, during the actual interview I somehow forgot to share some of the stuffs I had already talked about. Oh well, I think I'll share the things I missed talking in the blog later.

I mostly talked about my switch of careers from being a lawyer to blogging and running my own fashion label aere. How it came about, why I started it and a lot of other things too. I also shared about aere's upcoming plans too. I shared a lot of stuffs that I haven't shared here in the blog. So probably I'll share you the interview link when it's out and also blog about it as well. (If all goes well)

Glad it went smoothly. Although I was nervous at first, it was quite exciting to talk non-stop (hehe). I'm sure they'll have to edit out a lot, as it is only a 15 minute segment and I think I must've been talking for close to 45 mins, even though I felt that it was quite quick. Haha.

Don't know how I'll sound like on air, but I'm going to find out really soon!

It'll be on air 11am today at 89.9 BFM Radio Station or you can click HERE to listen to it live. 

*** Edit : You can hear the interview by clicking below 

Got this podcast from HERE!