Monday, August 24, 2015

Feature in NONA Magazine : August 2015

I miss blogging! I haven't been able to blog in awhile. Alhamdulillah I had a successful show for aere at KLFW 2 Fridays ago and I really can't wait to share you the many many stories behind the scenes and at the show. Thanks to the amazing team and partners that I have who supported me for the show. So many things to share, the craziness, the drama, the fun, but so little time! Will try my best and share bit by bit. :) 

I'm just overwhelmed and grateful  at how the media has been so supportive. It's so nice of Nona to feature me and aere in their August Issue. They asked me about how I started, the story behind the name aere, when I launched aere , inspirations, designers/labels I adore locally and internationally, how I see aere in 5 years time and other questions!

They put me in the 'Sembang Pereka' segment. I know it has been one year since I started aere and it was launched on 28th October 2014 but I still am not comfortable when people address me as a designer (pereka). Having no formal background in fashion makes me feel like that I guess. I would rather be known as the one who's running my own label and deal with the creative direction of my label, at the moment :) 

Come to think of it, the context of this interview is very much different from my last Nona interview as the one they did back then was about my legal practice, the law, how's my life as a practising lawyer was, blogging and being a mother. 

I blogged about my last feature in Nona way before I started aere while I was still practising as a lawyer back in 2013 in my post Feature in the May Issue of Nona Magazine : Mothers Day Edition . Noticed that I didn't scan the 6-page-feature back then. Should try and find them and scan for my record purposes and for me to read in the future (if I can still find it). Probably 5 years from now, so that I can probably reflect on what I said. When I did that interview in 2013, never would I have ever imagined I'll be leaving legal practice / being a lawyer and switch careers. God knows best! We can only plan but we will never know what God has planned and determined for us until it happens.

Thank you Nona Magazine and Fiezreen Ahmad for the feature!

I'm also featured in Wanita Magazine for the August Issue. I'll try to blog about that soon too.

Everytime I'm featured in a magazine, I still find that it is surreal. It's not something which I have imagined when I was much younger or when I was still in school. I'm truly humbled by all the features. All might and power comes from the Almighty and everything belongs to Him and everything happens as He wills it. All praises to the Creator for all the gifts and blessings. Alhamdulillah.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Peplum and Stripes for Raya

So I wore this outfit when I went to FV's open house which I blogged about in my post "One Year with FV - Open House". It's the Lana Modern Peplum Kurung with Striped Panels in 2 of my fav colours. Blue and Nude. I also like it because I get a free belt with it. The outfit is from emel x Liyana Jasmay available at FV.

Coincidentally, when I was about to go down from the car on the way to the carpark I saw Melinda Looi walking out of the open house. And juuustt as we were about to find our parking at KLGCC, the spot that we took was actually her spot as she just went out of that spot in her car. Didn't get to say hi but it was a real coincidence as both Balqis and I in the car were actually wearing emel on that day. Random. :) I know.

Anyways, I just realised that since 2013 I've had pieces of emel's raya collaboration outfits. I wore emel for raya last year too and they invited me as one of the 6 bloggers to attend a buka puasa, charity and fashion event together with Diana Danielle. (I just realised I haven't blogged about that event -_- Too late now.

Anyways, you can see "Laced with Intricacies" for my Raya 2014 look and "Raya on Fire Part 2 : Black Eid | Gold Look" for my Raya 2013 look in emel by Melinda Looi. I wore an emel shawl too in my post "Weekend Style : Baby Yusuf's Birthday" and also found a post I did 4 years ago in 2011 of me wearing a Melinda Looi Shawl in my post Dusty PleatsI started to wear their raya outfits when I blogged two years ago about their Raya 2013 collection with dear Diana Amir. At that time I was invited by them to walk the runway with other personalities, bloggers and influencers, friends to Diana (Blogged in Giveaway Diana Amir x emel Fashion Show Tickets). I paired the whole look with a Sugarscarf which matched the skirt, bag and shoes.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

One Year with FV - Open House

Yesterday I went to my first official open house of the year. I didn't take as many photos as I would usually have taken but there are enough photos for me to come up with this blogpost. The open house was hosted by Fashion ValetFadza and Vivy. It's FV's first company open house. The open house is for all the brands at FV, influencers and the whole FV team.

Our first open house photo together. The past week I have been skipping all sort of events because of an unexpected family emergency. It really brought my family together and we had to leave everything else and focus on family. I realised yesterday that my last post on my IG was 5 days before and being the instagrammer that I've been, that almost never happens nowadays as I've been sharing on a daily basis. Time really passed by. I've been occupied with family matters and what happened made me realise even more that nothing is more important than family and family will always come first especially in times of difficulties. There are times that we just have to leave everything else. And I'm glad I did.

Since I started aere a year ago, I've worked a lot with the FV team and its different departments. They have really supported me from  day 1 and has been aere's first stockist too!  I must say I'm really blessed to get the opportunity to partner up and work with FV. So, even though my mind is still thinking about my family, I tried my best to be there at the open house.

Peeps I'm comfortable with. Friends I see almost everyday 
- Hui Chin Teoh, me, Veen Dee Tan, Jaja Anuar and Kho Min Jee

With the inspiring lady behind INNAI, Izrin Iz-low. 
I wore Innai x FV for my first Raya this year :) 
Love their batik designs.
Will share the look on my blog soon!

With Azrina Bakar who I work so much with for aere!
It's been amazing knowing this talented lady. 
We've even travelled to China and India together last year.
Coincidentally she just launched her brand Abirea on Fashion Valet
Congratulations Ina! :)

With Fashion Valet buyers Jaja Anuar and Roselyn Khan. 
Took this photo because we're all matchy match.

I was so excited when I saw this beautiful lady wearing aere's ORION Dress from the latest collection. I straight away said hi and ask if she doesn't mind me taking her photo. We both introduced ourselves and I found out that she's a singer, songwriter and an actress. Her name is Daiyan Trisha.
An example of how fashion connects people. :) Hehe.

Just coz we matched :p

And below, group photos with the FV team. 
Missing few people though including dear Marissa and Athirah.
Till next year, insyaAllah.