Sunday, February 7, 2016

Blue Flair

Hello everyone,

Haven't blogged for a while so I just thought I'd quickly update this. I had a great night out with my girl cousins on my dad's side last night. We haven't had a proper outing just us girls for a while outside of family events so we arranged to have dinner and initially wanted to watch a movie together (although there was a slight change of plans). 

My cousin Min was the only one who couldn't make it, but we met up anyway and had a nice dinner where we caught up with what was happening with our lives. We ended up having an unplanned sleepover at my cousin Cho's place. That was fun!

Anyway, since it was our first outing for a long time, the girls just wanted to have a little fun and wanted to dress-up a bit for dinner, so I wore aere's LACERTA Pocket Cropped Top in White paired with Shea Rasol's navy Hi-Low Taffeta Maxi Skirt. White tops are always a must have, especially non-sheer ones and I just love the quirky huge pockets on the LACERTA top and the front zippers. The reason that I designed this cropped top is because I just love cropped tops! It pairs great with the high-waisted skirts that I have. 

Oh, the skirt designed by my good blogger friend Shea Rasol is really awesome to wear. I love the fact that the front of the skirt is designed slightly shorter than the back which is  great to show off your heels. To me it was a fresh look that was not too dressy, but not too casual either.

Hope you're enjoying your long holidays. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Peace & Love!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Appreciating Health in Adelia

Salam and hello dear readers :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend and am wishing you a productive week ahead!

I wore this last week just a few days after the husband came out of the hospital and having him discharged and recovering well was the highlight of my week. :) Nothing beats being worried about your loved one, taking care of them and in the end being able to bring them out of the hospital. It's a natural sense of happiness and contentment.  I appreciate that because I have experienced times when the opposite happened. Sometimes, we take out health or loved ones around us for granted, but when we are tested with the loss of health we realise that God has blessed us with health during the times that we were not experiencing any sickness. I had a good weekend with the husband as he's recovering pretty well. 

Events like this reminds me to always fight and take care of our health a little more. Eat more healthily, exercise more. All praises to the One who blesses us with good health when we are healthy. 

Wearing a combination of two of my many many favourite things. :)  Sequins and pleats. I just had to produce these two items for aere as both items are simply pretty and easily matched with any of my pieces in the wardrobe. 

A black sequinned top is easy to be mixed and matched with anything. It will intantly bring glimmers to an outfit for a night our or even a day out! Who says sequins are just for night time? :) 

I'm wearing aere's ADELIA Cropped Sequinned Top (released today), aere's ESTELLA Full Pleated Skirt, dUCkscarves, Cluse watches and Quay Australia sunnies. 

Photo by Kery.


Monday, January 25, 2016

Sands of Gold

It's been awhile since I blogged. I've been pretty busy with work and aere and right this moment I'm actually on a comfortable couch (which is also where I've been since last Saturday and has been my sleeping spot for the past few days) as the husband has been admitted at the hospital and I'm here accompanying and trying my best to take care of him. I have been worried sick about him but Alhamdulillah I know that God has determined what's best and he's recovering insyaAllah. May God cure the love of my life soon. Amin. 

Right now as I'm blogging this and he's lying down on his hospital bed, I'm reminiscing the good times we had on the first day of 2016 earlier this month when he captured this photos after we hung out by the beach. It really was a gorgeous and special day as it was also our anniversary. Will share more on the things we did that day soon.

The photos is this post were taken hours before we went for That Special Dinner on the First and after Flying with the Wind.

It was also the first day I started snapchatting away and started to get hooked. Now, I think I snapchat way more than I instagram anything. (Not sure it's just a phase or something that will last for a long time though but I'm actually love to express at Snapchat. Today, I also shared the process of me bloggin this post on snapchat (ID : rnadiasabrina)

Anyways, I wore a neutral look that afternoon.

Paired aere's DEA Cropped Metallic Top, aere s ILIARIA Flared Pleated Skirt and Sugarscarf paired with a vintage bag I got from mom's closet. And I love the effect when the wind /sea breeze blows.