Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Olive in a Secret Garden

I remember watching the movie Secret Garden when I was about 10 years old. It was a British drama / fantasy film and I was in awe when I watched it. I was really touched by the movie at the tender age of 10. Now, I can't remember the storyline so much. It has really been a long long time. Memories... I feel like searching for the movie and watching it again.

Somehow the pictures in this post reminds me of the Secret Garden. Yes, if you have seen the movie you will agree with me when I say that it is far from being the same kind of garden. This one is fused with modernity too I must say. But, I still love it anyways. I'm actually dreaming to be in one super special eternal garden... One sweet day. But then again, that's a different story altogether :) 

When we took these shots, I was happy that coincidentally my whole outfit actually matched the surroundings. Even my skirt matched the grilled pathways. I wore a tutu skirt I designed and made more than a year ago together with a matching sequinned top and added a pop of colour with an olive green satin scarf. Yes, I know I don't usually wear this kind of green and some may say it's not my kind of colour. But hey, I actually think it goes quite well with the all grey look.  The top is actually dual-coloured and I actually can change it to black, but grey suited the look better.

A combination of sequins, tulle and satin. I love!

You can have a look at my previous look-post wearing the exact same dual-coloured sequinned top as a black jacket in Meet Matte Black and My New Glasses and my posts in 2013 wearing the same grey tutu skirt Emerald in the City and Pu3 Look for Mira's Wedding Reception.

Outfit Details :

Skirt : Designed by me 
Scarf : dUCkscarves
Photo : Khubayb aka kneok


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Red Night Out

This was my first night out (read : date night with the husband) after we came back from our umrah trip. We had an amazing 13 days trip and when we came back we spent most of the time with my parents and family. After more than a week, we decided to just spend some time together. Just us two. We haven't done this for awhile in the middle of KL and I must say I enjoyed the night. I feel really blessed that since the career switch that I made as well as his career move, we have actually got to spend so much more time together than ever before. I somehow feel like we are a newly married couple! Hehe. Alhamdulillah for the blessings. God can really turn things around.

We walked about in the colourful streets of Star Hill (Bukit Bintang) and he took some really nice shots of me. Especially love the shots because of the lights at the back! I don't usually wear red nowadays, but we reminisced about how we both liked to wear red when we just started dating 9 years ago. I really loved the colour red back then. So that's why for the special occasion, which was really just an ordinary night out with the husband, I decided to choose the most special colour out of the newly released ZERENEs. Decided to pair it with a black draped top and a black draped skirt to paint the town red (and a little black). Painted my eyelids red too :)

We then had burgers at Johny Rockets and I had passionfruit milkshake. Yums! Simple and ordinary, yet special :) That's how I describe our night out in red.

Outfit Details :

Bag : Sofina
Scarf : ParipariShawl
Photo : Khubayb aka kneok


Monday, February 23, 2015

Meet Matte Black and My New Glasses

I got myself a new pair of transparent greyish glasses last Friday. My power went up from 300 to 350, so I took that as a sign that I needed a pair of new glasses which I'll be comfortable wearing outside. I'm starting to get used to wearing my new pair of glasses. I always wear contacts during the day and only wear my specs at home. But after awhile I think my eyes has gotten tired and a few people have been asking why I kept on blinking my eyes. No wonder it has been quite a blur for me. I haven't been wearing the correct power!  

I asked a question on lenses and eye power on IG and a few IGers replied with beneficial info. A few people made me consider lasik eye surgery too so that I won't have to think about wearing contacts or glasses. However, I will stick to these pair of glasses till I do the lasik surgery. Do share with me your experiences doing the lasik, or how you switch from lenses to glasses or the other way round.

Anyways, here's my first look wearing my glasses. Black, white and grey kind of look. I'm wearing one of my fav half sleeved statement tees I usually wear at home with the statement "It all happened in a moment, take a photograph" and I paired it with a grey + black matte jacket and a checkered skirt. Since this particular jacket is dual-coloured, I usually rub it up or down according to my mood. For this look I turned the  sequinned jacket to be more black than grey. Love the fact that I can do a quick and easy switch of colours to the jacket!

Outfit Details :

Scarf : Satin dUCkscarves
Glasses : Owl 
Photo : Khubayb aka kneok