Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Reflections : One Step at a Time

Have you ever felt confused, scared and unsure of what's going to happen next? Okay, you're getting along just fine but when you face certain unexpected challenges, you're now unsure of what's going to happen and suddenly you think of the worst things that could happen. May we be protected from these thoughts and feelings and face the challenges one step a time.

My father reminded me of these exact words 3 years ago when I was in the hospital, clueless about what was going to happen as it was 50-50 for both me and my late daughter. It really hit me when he advised me and I became instantly calmer and more positive. Today a good friend of mine also reminded me to take one step a time. It's good to have people reminding us as we can easily forget something so simple especially when we're going through something rough. 

I hope to change and be stronger one step at a time and with each step insyaAllah slowly be a better person too. Change doesn't happen overnight. To move forward we need to make that first step. Breathe, be grateful always, accept whatever that has been determined for us one step at a time, keep moving no matter how slow and never give up. There are no shortcuts. We just really need to focus on the first step ahead of us.

May the Almighty Planner determine what's best for all of us and bring us closer to Him as He owns us and we will all return to Him. 

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Prisoned by the Railroads

What a throwback?! I was tagged on IG last night by @u_wanita at this photo she did where she included two of my throwback ootd photos. Thank you so much dear! I can't even remember if I blogged about these looks but I remember uploading it on Lookbook almost 5 years ago! This was way before Instagram. Back then it was! Hehe. 

I hunted down the look on my lookbook and this was actually the first look I posted on Lookbook and I titled the look as Prisoned by the Railroads and uploaded it on 28th January 2011.

How I've always been obsessed with the colour blue!

Outfit details : 

Yadotsa Prison Province
My mother's Vintage Navy Blue Shawl
Serena Vintage Navy Blue Tapered Pants


Reflections : Do All Things with Love

Happy Tuesday. :) 

Sometimes we forget but we need to be reminded to always be grateful and love what we do. 

We need to be reminded to just enjoy the process and the journey, no matter whether its ease or hardship.

Just embrace it because through hardship there's ease, and through ease it has its different sets of challenges. 

Make sure there's a reason behind the things we do be it for the love of our family, ourselves and/or most importantly love for the One who created love and everything that exists. 

Do it with love. 

May we be blessed with His Love always and be sincere in everything we do with our lives. The life that was given by the Giver. All praises to the Creator.

#notetoselfandothers #selfreminder #selfmotivation