Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Behind the Blossoming : Part 1

It was a fun and hot sunny Sunday that 15th March 2015. This time around, for aere's second collection, I decided to have a lifestyle photoshoot with me in it and two people that I was really really comfortable with: Dearest Ruzana Ibrahim and Lisa Surihani. These two sweethearts and beautiful souls who agreed to do the shoot with me in a very short period of time. And I'm not exaggerating, really short time! I'm really grateful that they agreed to it :) I must thank Lisa and Aunty Mira for the venue too! Since it was my first photoshoot of this kind, I know it was going to be quite intimidating. Surrounded by talented individuals and pros who are very experienced in their own fields helped me. Doing it together with Ruzana and Lisa was indeed a blessing :) It was super fun and crazy zany full of laughter!

It also helps so much that I had a very cool, efficient and talented team and support together with me. I had a professional team of photographers led by Aaron, KF Bong as make up artist for the three of us, Min Luna as art director on the day of the shoot, FV's team who are so used to handling a lot of photoshoots: Veen Dee Tan, Mazni Musa and Athirah Abdul Halim and of course the husband Khubayb aka @kneok who helped around as well as taking all the BTS photos you see here in this post! :)

Here in this post I'll be sharing the behind-the-scenes photos of the first scene of the shoot. The casual wear (aere LIGHT) scene.

In this scene, I wanted to picture girlfriends hanging out, chilling, catching up and having fun while having tea and eating desserts. Something that we ladies usually do with our girlfriends, catching up. :)

I remember I didn't sleep the week before this photoshoot. Planning, imagining and visualising the photoshoot and the end result.  I also came up with a story line for the shoot and also planned the looks too. I was so nervous the week before the shoot!

Here are some of the BTS photos of us on set during the memorable and fun photoshoot! I'll share more story and photos in my next post :)

Us getting ready before we sunbathed under the hot sun! It was a blast having these two at the shoot who not only calmed me but cracked me up with jokes at all the wrong time. We were laughing non-stop! Lisa and Ruzana my loves!

What We Wore :

Lisa : HEDERA Glister Top in Nude Silver and VIOLA Skirt in Indigo
Ruzana : OLIVA Top in Yale Blue and ASTER Pants in Nude
Me : OLIVA Top in Oxblood and VIOLA Skirt in Blush

All from aere. :) And my scarves in the shoot were all from dUCkscarves.

Here's a sneak peek of my next BTS post, the workwear (aere MIGHT) line. A photo of me and dear Veen Dee who helped a lot before and during he photoshoot. :) Thanks babe for helping me make it happen! 

This post reminds me of Stepping into the Glitz and Glamour for One Night : ABP 2013


Monday, March 30, 2015

Ivory at Work

When I was working as a corporate lawyer, I didn't always have to wear the black and white attire. We were free to wear colours, as long as it suited the corporate look. But what I really wanted and couldn't find was a white suit. That's why I came up with a white suit through aere. So in this post, I'd thought I would give some tips on how to wear aere's white ivory suit.

First of all, a  lot of people say that the white ivory suit is impractical at work. For men, yes, I think it's a no-no to wear a white suit for work. However, for women, it's different. Of course, it depends on what profession or field you are in, but if the workplace isn't too conservative and allows for a little sense of fashion, you should consider wearing a white suit.

White is such a strong and pure colour, giving a bold statement just by itself. Everyone is drawn to the crisp and attractive white. It's a symbol of purity. It's also easy to match up with. Why is it easy? Because similarly to black, everything goes well with white.

For this look, I paired up the SALVIA Blazer in Ivory together with the ASTER Pants in Ivory with the ROSEA Top in Ivory and a gold-coloured scarf from dUckscarves. I think it gives a modern, formal yet fresh vibe and especially since women have more pieces and accessories to work with, the white ivory suit can be used in the office but for that it's recommended to use darker colours for your tops or scarf (brown, black, dark blue) to play down the white ivory suit.

But, the white ivory suit can also be used for a more casual look. Go for bright and fresh coloured tops, especially pastel. Vibrant print tops can also be worn underneath it and it's just perfect and not too formal.

You can also use the white ivory jacket and pants separately. You might be wondering, what can be paired with a white ivory jacket right? Try using it with your boyfriend denim jeans or either dark brown or blue skirt. Similarly, the pants can be used with a navy blue top.

It's not too tricky. The trick is to know the look you're going for and to be confident of your own style. Keep experimenting and mix it up!

To know more about the details of the aere pieces I'm wearing in this post, just click SALVIA Blazer in Ivory, ASTER Pants in Ivory and ROSEA Top in Ivory.

Have fun styling your looks!

Photo by Khubayb aka kneok


Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Relaxing Weekend

As mentioned in my previous post, I have been crazy busy preparing for aere's launch last Thursday and I felt like I've neglected my husband for quite a bit. Hehe. Well, he had a very busy week too. So on Friday night, after a long week, we finally managed to have some time together and watched a movie. The only one available at such last minute was Cinderella. So yes, we watched Cinderella and one message resonates throughout the whole movie. "Have courage and be kind".

No matter what happens, be kind. If we are treated unfairly, never seek revenge and never be unkind. Forgiveness takes so much strength but when we forgive and we let go, we will be in a much happier state of mind. So, be kind. It sounds easy and simple, but sometimes we forget. Even though the Cinderella movie I assume was targeted more for kids, I kind of enjoyed watching it too. Just like how I enjoyed Frozen too. Hehe. (Not embarassed to admit)

Yesterday, we visited my in-laws for late lunch with the family. With my nieces, we played heads up and our favourite categories were Fairy Tales and Disney characters. It was fun playing heads up with the kids. We also played rock-paper-scissors too. Or more like "osom". :p

After spending some time with my in-laws, we went to Pavillion to buys some stuffs and have supper. I wore the OLIVA in Indigo. What I love most about this oversized top is the buttons at the sleeves which I can open up anytime I feel like it and I like the exaggerated loose fit which is so comfy. The eat as much as you can kind of top. Hehe. The structured material of the OLIVA top makes sure that it doesn't cling to your body so it's not figure-hugging.

I paired it with the skants (skirt+pants) I wore in my post Tenun & Skants in Jakarta for a very casual weekend, but it was comfortable enough for me to be running around with my nieces (more like running around chasing after them) what with their rollerblades, skateboards and all sorts of other toys). Being a kid is lots of fun!

There's just something very exciting about the night ambience of Bukit Bintang. The lights, the never-ending cars stuck on the road, all the people from all walks of life and countries walking about.. The last time I went to Bukit Bintang was in my post RED NIGHT OUT.

Till my next post!

He was busy watching football :p