Keeping Healthy on the Go

12:15:00 AM

2018 started with a bang for me, picking up where 2017 left off. I had such a hectic work plus travel schedule for the past two years that I barely had time to breathe!

A lot of people think that travelling is glamourous and exciting. Well, I guess it is. But when you are travelling for work, people often forget that it is also very exhausting, physically and mentally. I take my responsibilities very seriously and honestly it can be quite draining. Having been a workaholic all my (working) life and having travelling a lot ever since I was a lawyer (I did cross-border financing) and continued travelling with aere, I am the first to admit that I have not managed to keep a healthy lifestyle.

However, it is very important especially when I am travelling to keep my energy levels up and ensure that I have a balanced nutrient intake and I am currently trying to do that by trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle than the workaholic life that I have been accustomed to, and also by taking supplements, especially since I am not getting any younger.

I was recently introduced to CCM Duopharma’s halal pharmaceuticals as a supplement to consider. Everyone knows supplements are basically essential in our busy lifestyle, especially for those who work and travel a lot. But we tend to take supplements without looking at the fine print and the ingredients. I know, I was also guilty of that too I guess. I was quite alarmed to find out that almost 30% of pharmaceuticals in the market today contain bovine gelatine that are not halal, according to a study done by Universiti Sains Malaysia. Once I knew about that, I could no longer turn a blind eye or pretend to ignore the issue.

CCM Duopharma guarantees that its pharmaceutical products are halal and this is achieved through a high standard cleanliness, safe and goes through a stringent halal processes and certifications that are compliant with the Ministry of Health, JAKIM and Malaysian Halal Certification. I think it’s a great initiative by CCM Duopharma to create awareness and provide consumers with a choice.

For the discerning, CCM Duopharma pharmaceutical products ticks all the boxes. For me personally, having JAKIM’s halal certification is enough to give me an ease of mind. I really love that CCM Duopharma pharmaceutical products cover all my essential needs. Aside from supplements, they also have an array of other products including eye drops that are an absolute must during my travels (I wear contacts a lot and tend to get dry eyes), Uphamol paracetamol for any unexpected illnesses and also kids-friendly vitamin C for my kids. 

These essentials will definitely be in my travel bag and within reach wherever I go in the future, especially in countries that may not heavily emphasise on halal products or ingredients. I guess I just like to be prepared when I travel. If you are concerned about halal pharmaceuticals or would just like to read up more about this issue, do check out for more info!

After my recent humanitarian mission in Godda, India, I have finally managed to take a breather from all the travelling, and have been able to focus more on my health and well-being. It’s important to take care of yourself and I am just beginning to realize this. But I love to travel, despite how tiring it can be, and I am honestly truly thankful and grateful for the opportunities that I have been granted to allow me to see the various parts of the world. I do know that there are just so many other places I haven’t seen or been to and who knows where my next adventure will be?


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