Hijab Tutorial 6 : Video : In A Rush Hijab Style : Less than 1 Minute!

5:34:00 PM

Hello ladies, here I am with another tutorial of one of my favourite daily hijab style.

Today, I'm going to share with you another tutorial on how I always wear my scarf these days especially when I am in a rush. I'm always rushing for this and that so I really don't have so much time on wearing my scarves so this is one of the fastest ways that I do it. And it really takes me less than a minute!

So, here's the video  :

Click here to watch. 

Steps :

1. Put on your inner. It is important that your inner is steady so that your scarf will be secure. Adjust your shawl over your inner with one end shorter than the other. The shorter end should roughly fall at or below your chest.

2. Pull the shorter end of the shawl, wrap it under your neck and bring it to the opposite side and use a pin or safety pin to secure the shorter end of the shawl behind your ears (1st Pin). Adjust it accordingly to cover your neck. Just tighten the shawl up. 

3. Then bring and wrap around the longer end of the shawl completely behind your head from the front and place it over the opposite side to the front of the opposite side.

4. Place a safety pin to secure that end anywhere around your chest area.

5. Place a pin (2nd Pin) behind your ear to fasten it in place.

6. Then place another pin behind the other ear (3rd Pin).

7. Pin the top part to hold the shawl in place (4th Pin).

8. Then you can adjust and play around with the scarf to suit your face shape or mood. Sometimes I prefer a looser fit on those carefree weekends! 

Other times I like to secure the scarf very tightly for a more cleaner look, especially during events. 

Let me know if the tutorial is helpful or otherwise. Share some comments so maybe I can improve myself in sharing a tutorial in the future. Good luck trying! 

Anyways, for this tutorial, I am wearing aere's recently released ABELYN Scarf  #aereSCARF ! The aere ABELYN scarf with aere's signature gold charm and DIANNA Textured Top and OLIM Pants

Below are pictures of me wearing the same scarf.

Anyways, if you're interested in getting your hands on #aereSCARF, click this link : aere

Good luck and spread the love!

My last hijab tutorial was just two weeks ago. (See : Hijab Tutorial 5 : Video : On The Go Hijab Style)

Here are some of my previous Tutorials for you to checkout below.


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  1. Tq for sharing us @rnadiasabrina this tutorial..mind sharing what inner that you used or your favourite inner here..much love.. Xoxo.. 😍


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