aere's First Show in London - LMFW 2018

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I am on the way to the airport now to leave London as I’m typing this. Its 6 am and I spent the entire night packing up after the 2-day London Modest Fashion Week event. And since I was already up, I thought why not quickly blog this before the adrenalin dies down. I’m still pumped up after an amazing 10 days for aere in London.

aere just had our first ever fashion show in London on 17th February 2018! It seems pretty surreal to me still. London is a city so close and dear to me. It is the city where I was born and I lived here for awhile during my younger days. Its a beautiful and historical city and it definitely has a special place in my heart.


17th February 2018 marks another milestone for aere in London as we debuted at the London Modest Fashion Week 2018 held at the prestigious Victoria House, our first fashion show in London. We brought in specially curated pieces from our CHANGE and PEACE collectionwere showcased to a new audience that includes Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan as well as fashion buyers, influencers and guests from all over the world that were in attendance. The selected pieces of the two collections showcased were curated with the high and exquisite standards of Londoners in mind. The mostly neutral collection with hints of blue and gold was the perfect introduction of the brand for London. The fashion show was a success and well received by the crowd. Alhamdulillah everything turned out well despite the usual chaos, backstage stresses and mayhem before the show. Grateful for the suppor!

Here are some initial shots of the 9 looks in order of how it was presented at the opening show. Shared some other close up shots taken by my cousin @anastashaasri as well as a finale photo captured by @vivyyusof at the end of this post. All other photos by @izzyosman. Will blog more about this soon!



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