Of ribs, salmon and chocolate

7:48:00 PM

Went out on a hearty satisfying lunch date with Jamidah (aka @tcjamidah aka Tengku Chanela Jamidah) recently on the 18.01.18. Jamidah suggested Ate Cetera in Hartamas and I actually just attended my niece's (cousin's daughter Khalysa's birthday, a few days before that). I've been wanting to blog about that too! I'm sure you all know this already but Jamidah is also a fellow mompreneur and the Creative Director of Dida and Thavia.

So we discovered that both of us are foodies about over a year ago and have had occasional lunch dates enjoying ayam kampung publika, korean food and steamboat. But since it's the start of the new year we thought of trying something new and here we are! It's a new restaurant so there were not many people here during  lunch time so we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves!

We ate, catched up about what’s going on with us right now, talked about work, family, exercising, what we have started doing to clear our minds, healthy diets, managing our stresses and then just enjoyed our ribs and salmon. Yes, we plan to eat more healthily so this is like the rare occasion that we get to order without limit and just enjoy food and the conversations we had.

So tasty this salmon dish of mine. Scrumptious!

With this humble and beautiful talented lady, Jamidah!

When you find someone other than yourself who likes to take pics of food. Thanks for making me feel less alone in this area. And look at those ribs. Feels like having dinner for lunch when I go out with this one. 😂 

By the way, that day I also tried this choc I bought from my brother, Delish Dark Chocolate. According to him it is low-calorie, low-sugar and is also good for stress relief. I don’t usually eat pure dark chocolate but this one is 75% Pure cocoa, so it has that perfect balance of bitter and sweet in my opinion. And right now, whenever I’m feeling a lil stressed out I just pop 2 or 3 in my mouth and let it melt naturally, without the guilt of the normal chocolate that I usually have. Love it! Contact my brother on his IG by clicking @rajaahmadhariz to try it out.


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