CHANGE in National Art Gallery Singapore

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28th October 2017. 
A special date for aere.
aere's third birthday since the date of its launch on 28th October 2014. 

That day, I flew to Singapore for aere's first ever fashion show in Singapore at Singapore Fashion Week 2017.

I remember exactly a year before that in October 2016, I was in Indonesia for aere's first show at Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 and just a few days after that I was at the National Art Gallery (NAG) Singapore on my birthday with Khubayb after we attended Singapore Fashion Week. That was before I had Elhan. Shared about it and also the photos captured  that day by Khubayb at NAG in my post Life is Abstract.

On aere's 3rd birthday, after flying from KL to Singapore in the morning, did my makeup in flight and changed into this monochrome outfit as soon as I reached the hotel, I then took the taxi and headed straight to the backstage of this gorgeous venue, the National Art Gallery Singapore for aere's first ever exclusive fashion showcase in Singapore and presented new looks which was an extension of the CHANGE collection. After aere's show I then attended a few SGFW shows until night time (including Jason Wu's show with Pat and Haz) and reached the hotel room at almost midnight. So I actually spent almost the whole day at NAG that day. And, I must say I really love the venue. The natural lighting, the architecture and just the feeling of being in the place. I didn't have time to actually look a the artworks or any of the visual art exhibitions at the time since I was there for work but it is a place that I would love to visit again even when I'm not working. It is also a really great venue for Singapore Fashion Week especially during the day. The backstage is one of the best that I have ever seen, so pretty and organised it doesn't even feel like it is a behind the scenes spot!

On that special day, I wore aere's AVALYN Organza Peplum Top in Black from the CHANGE collection with aere's TAINA Pants from aere's HOPE collection. I love this top so so much because of the detachable belt and the luxurious organza fabric. When I tie the ribbon of the detachable belt on the side and posed in a certain way, it made me look more slim and tall! I can say that about most of the designs in the CHANGE collection. So flattering to the body and it makes me feel so good wearing them. Accessorised with black shoes and scarf as well as a rustic bronze handbag.

I blogged about aereTURNS3 in Singapore on 29th October 2017 a day after aere's fashion show so you can head there to read about what aere was up to in Singapore. Also did a giveaway in CHANGE on the Runway : Singapore Fashion Week 2017 so head on to that post to know how thou can win an aere CHANGE piece of your choice. Will close the giveaway on 5th February 2018.

CHANGE. In 2016, I was at National Gallery Singapore not even knowing what the future beholds. In 2017, aere had its first fashion show at the same amazing venue. Things and circumstances can definitely change drastically and dramatically in one year.  For aere and  me, personally. May this year change even more drastically in a positive direction.

Used Fenty Beauty on my skin, eyes and lips. Love it!

Photos by Hazimah Hanafi.


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