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Hello from Dubai! So yes, here’s me announcing that I am now in Dubai! I blogged my last post in the hospital and now I’m blogging this post in my room here in sunny yet cold Dubai.

After I blogged my last post and got the test done, I went to the office, finalised the looks for our shows, took a lot of aere pieces back for me to mix and match, plan my outfits to wear in Dubai, and of course to take OOTDs, I mean it’s my first time in Dubai! Of course I would take the opportunity to capture OOTDs as much as possible! 

After all was done at the office, meeting with my team who has everything under control and of course I have to mention I am super proud of them and how they have independently handled almost everything for this third international fashion show for aere. Our first international show was in Jakarta Fashion Week in October 2016 and our second International show happened at Singapore Fashion Week, just recently. Anyways, after everything is settled at the office that night I went back home, to plan my outfits, rushed to get some stuffs for the house and run errands since I’ve left the house for quite some time since I’ve been staying at the hospital, changed money from RM to AED, pick up specs for my helper, bought stuffs for the house etc, and then I continued to plan outfits and pack. Rushing all the way as I planned to stay at the hospital that night with Elhan and the husband so that I can Uber from the hospital to the airport. 

Turned out it took very long, as expected eventhough I have tried my level best to really rush it. Because usually when I plan for a travelling trip I start to pack few days in advance especially when it comes to far away trip and work trip. But, I just managed to take the aere pieces that night and only get the  chance to mix and match etc that same night so turns out I was doing it the whole night without any sleep so I did not get to go to the hospital and left straight from home. All praises to the Almighty, at this moment Elhan is already at home. Alhamdulillah. Its such a relief to know that he is recovering and my family is helping to monitor him at home. 

Anyways, what you see in this post are actually photos of me not-sleeping at all (PLUS the nights before at the hospital, I couldnt get much sleep also). That’s why the cover of this post is the one with me in sunnies!! 

I left home at 6am, reached at about 7am before the counter was open and managed to check in smoothly. Waited for the rest of the team, shot this OOTD in denim and some videos and then went in. Things didn’t go smoothly inside though as there were some issues at customs but managed to settle it before the gate closes. And Alhamdulillah I made it here with the aere team. Pat, Haz and Yana.

So here in this post I am proud to annouce that aere is in Dubai!!!

Now, we are here for aere’s first debut at Dubai Modest Fashion Week. We are showcasing a totally new collection that we have been working on for the past few months. The fashion show is happening TONIGHT at 8pm Dubai time. Also, we have a booth and will be exhibiting our pieces for buyers and also customers. The venue is amazing as it is right at Burj Park, next to the Burj Khalifa so we have the close up view of the Burj Khalifa at the booth as well as the show.

Oh yes, so since the flight from KL to Dubai is 7 hours I know I needed to be in a very comfortable outfit. So here I am wearing aere’s LAVEDA Denim Pants, and aere’s ARABELLA Top without the feather accesory which I wore in my recent post, as well as the MARNIE Zip Up Denim Jacket. Needed the jacket because I always freeze in flight. I’m also wearing a new Sugarscarf that I just received from them 2 days before I left to Dubai and also wearing Dida matte lip cream in Flirt.

I wanted to blog much earlier actually but I’ve been busy with the aere team here from day to night since we arrived on 5th December 2017. I could have just shared a quick post of just the photos and posted it earlier but I’ve made it a  point to really share what’s happening when I blog so I really needed the time to compose my posts before I publish them. For instance this post took me about 3 hours wihout any disruptions for me to finalise. I’ve captured a lot of videos and photos to share the journey of my first trip ever to Dubai for aere and I really can’t wait to share it here soon if God wills it. 

May all goes well at the booth and the fashion show today. May all be well.

Its 11am now as I am about to post this and I’m getting ready right after I post this up and will head to Burj Park. If you are in Dubai, come and say hi at aere’s booth! 

Photos by Hazimah Hanafi


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