St Regis Brunch

8:36:00 PM

Sarah invited me for brunch at St. Regis quite some time ago, about a month or two in advance and since I've never tried it I thought: why not.  Its not easy to meet Sarah since she has been working outside KL since awhile ago. We have been friends since 1997, she was my desk mate in school from Form 1 to Form 5 and also my best friend. Here's to celebrating our 20 years of friendship! So, when Sarah is here in town and wants to organise something like this, I would do my very best to try and make it. 

I remember 20 years ago in school, one of my ambitions was to be a doctor and Sarah wanted to be a magazine editor. After high school, for a brief moment in time we were in matriculation at the same place, before she received an offer to study overseas. Sarah started blogging when she was studying medicine in Russia and that was how I knew about her updates at the time. Remember I cried so bad when she went away to Russia because she's one of the few sisters that I never had. Apart from that, I remember how Sarah flew back all the way from Russia just for my engagement and wedding day. That was crazy.

I love her to bits and although we have totally different lives, with her making a difference in the world by being a doctor and now studying to be a specialist and all, and me making and selling clothes, and although we are far apart in distance most of the time, whenever we meet, she's that type of close friend that makes you feel like you've never been away for very long. You know that feeling? I know that we're going to be best friends and sisters for life. 

So, that is the story of why when Sarah organises something, I try my best to put everything aside and not say no.  Plus, Sarah has been away for so long that she has missed out on a lot of girlie gatherings for her sacrifice to become a doctor. 

Anyways, Sarah also invited the Phuket gang. Sarah, me, Tasya, Ezaty and Ieja. 

We went to Phuket together 2 years ago.

But Ieja couldn't make it because of work. They're all sarah's close doctor friends  and I only got to know them through our Phuket trip. I easily clicked with them too though we work in totally different industries. You know what they say, when you travel together you get to know a person better and learn about them (and yourself) and I must say that I love travelling with them! It was an amazing and fun trip though I remember I was always so busy OOTDing different outfits  (haha sorry guys). But one of the things that I enjoyed about the Phuket trip other than the snorkelling, the boat rides and the island hopping was the food. Seafood especially. They are all foodies too like me so it's just perfect! Haha. 

Their jobs as doctors require high mental strength, can be very demanding and stressful and is definitely challenging. Now that I look back at one of my ambitions, I don't think I can do what they do. I have high respect for them for being able to be selfless and work like crazy (like seriously crazy) for the sake of helping others.  I mean, I work like crazy too sometimes (more like most of the time) but I think the subject matter of my current work is not as stressful (still stressful but compared to them, not really) or that's what I think. I don't know, maybe doctors don't feel stressed out but when I see them and listen to their stories, I feel like whoa I would be so stressed out if I'm in their position. And sometimes, people forget that doctors are human too. They get sick too sometimes, they get tired and exhausted too. I've been sick a lot of times, been in the hospital a number of times and I just have high respect towards what they do for a living as they need to sacrifice so many other things in their personal life. 

But at the same time, because of their sacrifices, like Sarah, I see that she knows how to manage her stress and that inspires me. They know how to switch off from work and have a good time in that tiny lil period when they are not working. That is something that I still am struggling to learn to do. 

Anyways, we went to have brunch at St Regis yesterday. It was also a day before  Christmas so the ambience was filled with Christmas-y decor and music too. We also celebrated Ezaty's birthday in advance and she got a complimentary cake, all the guests joining in singing her a happy birthday song and even got a special performance from the performers. 

St Regis offered a buffet and seriously, I think any place that offers a buffet will be at a loss because I eat a lot when it comes to buffet. Eventhough I am a slow eater, I eat like crazy. So I will be sharing what I ate below. And whatever that we paid for, I definitely make sure to eat more food that its worth. Haha.(Buruk perangai). Alaskan crab, fresh imported French oysters, seafood station (my fav), rib eye steak, all serta of desserts and many many more! I ate till I couldn’t eat no more. All of us did haha.

But hey, I don't do this often okay and another justification that I tell myself is that sometimes when I work I don't even remember to eat breakfast and lunch on most days. So this treat is to cover all the missed breakfast and lunch for 2017 hehe. 

All in all, it was a great brunch that was spent with good food and definitely good company.


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