Season of Giving

1:54:00 AM

The end-of-year festive season is here and I love the culture of giving gifts to loved ones as it encourages and cultivates love and appreciation. When we  get gifts for others it also makes us try to learn about the other person and at the same time its quite fun to guess what the other person would like when we are buying them gifts. 

Had a Christmas gathering with FV yesterday and we exchanged gifts as Secret Santas and wore red and green. I literally had about 1 hour to look for a gift after coming back from Dubai and then rushed here and there to find a nice and matching packaging. In the end, I packed it myself, cut myself with the celotape tool, but all in all I kind of really liked the end result. Its something that I myself would have loved to get!

I kind of liked the gift that I bought but I don’t think the recipient knows I am her Secret Santa. So its a she hehe. And hint: she’s sitting so near to me in this photo of the large group of people. I hope you like the gift and find it useful. 

 I dont know who my Secret Santa is.

Whoever you are, thank you for the gift. Its a really beneficial gift, good for my health and its a good reminder for you to drink more, me being someone who doesnt drink a lot. Your pretty gift makes it easier for me to push myself to drink more!

One for the album!

Someone mentioned that Haz looks like my daughter or younger sister in Dubai recently. Sister I have heard before, but daughter!

Used to see them every single day. Miss! Jaja, Dada, Marissa, Iman.

Jaja love! 
Quick catch up yesterday. Working mommies with full on eyebags.

The other 2 I used to see every single day also. Hui Chin and Balqis. And Balqis is the first ever person who approached me from FV when I became their influencer at the time, must be like 4 years ago. Then we met at the Downy event. Miss them!

Just a photo that I did for Ponds recently with a Christmas tree and pressies as the backdrop. The outdoor lighting was on point!


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