On the Streets of Dubai

12:25:00 PM

So these photos were shot outside the entrance of the College of Fashion & Design, Dubai (CFD) where aere had our fitting session for our Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2017 show and first meet up with the organisers the day after we arrived. The fitting went very well without any major changes. 

Love how the organisers tried their very best to cater to us and were all very helpful throughout our experience there.

The fitting session was very organised, there were a lot of assistants, helpers, all of them were very professional and one thing that I’ve never experienced before with any of the other shows that aere has participated in is that, right after the fitting they ask all brands and designers to keep the looks with them. So basically, after the fitting is done, they organise, manage and kept the looks safe with them till the date and time of our show. That is really something. Even more so for brands who came from far and outside Dubai. Logistically, they sorted it out for us for the show so we didn’t have to worry about our looks anymore (I did have some internal issues to let go though because it was our first time doing it but once we did it I actually felt quite relieved). After that, we only had to worry about the looks that we were going to exhibit at the booth but that too went well.

After the fitting, we walked a little bit to find our ride back to the apartment. The team split up after that. Haz and I did some shoots and Yana and Pat went out to get some necessary stuffs for our show. We didn’t have to bring the big luggage of all our looks for the show. It was sunny yet windy so it was nice for photos. I initially stood under the sun without shade and the natural lighting was just too harsh so I found a shade, stood under it and Haz shot this with the UAE green, white, black, red flag at the background. The flags were everywhere around the city when we were there.

So here I am wearing the CAMILLA Tiered Sleeves Top from aere's CHANGE collection which was just recently released in 3 colours. My favourite part of the CAMILLA is the tiered full bell circle sleeves, I just feel like twirling my arms all the time. The other favourite part is of course the overall loose cut excluding the upper arms which is flattering to the body. Somehow I feel like dramatic sleeves do give an illusion of a slimmer body. You might not agree but for me, it works hehe.

I paired it with aere's CAELI Pants which I can pair with so many other tops too, a matching scarf which I got from my dearest Hasanah many years ago, and light pink accessories, bag, shoes and sunnies.

Photos by Hazimah Hanafi.


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