Dubai Fountain at Burj Khalifa

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This was our first night in Dubai. We had to go to Dubai Mall to prepare for a few things for our fitting the next day. We walked from our hotel to the Dubai Mall and there are horizontal flat escalators along the way like the ones you find in airports. It really felt like a workout after our long flight that day. And Dubai Mall is one of the biggest malls in the world so just walking around is very challenging (for me at least).

After we went to fix our looks, we had to wait for em to be ready and it was going to take about a few hours so to kill time, we went to have our first meal in Dubai. We had delicious burgers and after that, we went out of the restaurant to find a lot of people rushing in and out of the entrance to watch the Dubai fountain. 

Normally, when I travel for work, I am always on my work-mode on and rarely switch off to enjoy the fact that I am in a different country. But knowing that our runway pieces were only going to be ready a few hours later, I managed to switch off and relax a bit for about 15 minutes haha. So I decided to switch on my tourist mode and enjoy the beautiful fountain spectacle on display and took some photos there. 

It sort of feels like I was at KLCC really but the only thing is that Burj Khalifa somehow looks much, much taller and grander. The fountain show too was also on another level, it was really mesmerising with its different kind of music and all. But it got me thinking, is it because I've been to KLCC too many times, or is it really because Burj Khalifa was much more awesome? I wonder what tourists think when they hang out at KLCC? Any of my international readers who have been to KLCC can share with me? Just so I know what you feel when you first see KLCC.

Anyway, here are my touristy photos! Also together with my aere team members. Yana, Pat and Haz!

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