Denim Skirt Blue Sofa in Dubai

1:29:00 PM

As soon as we reached Dubai, we headed to our apartment to check in. I was so impressed with the deco of our apartment because the colours were different shades of blue, white and silver! And of course blue is my favourite colour and it felt like the room is just so aere. So meant to be!

So from my airport look which I shared in my post, HI FROM DUBAI, I changed the denim pants and wore aere's ELORA Denim Skirt from aere's CHANGE Collection as showcased at KL Fashion Week and just had to take some OOTD shots with this stunning blue sofa in my room.

Love how I could just change a piece of clothing to create a different look and different feel to an outfit. And the room being different shades of blue, silver and white just lifted my mood though I was very much jet lagged at the time after the 7 hours flight, not to mention the other time spent at the airport etc. Ignore my eye bags, I only managed to sleep for a few hours on flight and as I mentioned in my previous post I did not get to sleep the whole night before that and the days before that was just sleepless.

So here's me in aere's first Denim Skirt ELORA, ARABELLA Top without the feathered lace accessory which I wore in FEATHERED LACE, MARNIE Jacket I wore in HI FROM DUBAI and also Sugarscarf!

Till my next post!

Photos on sofa by Raja Iliana Raja Norsan and the rest by Hazimah Hanafi


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