A Timely Blessing

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Today, I am reminded of the land that I visited twice, once in 2012 and then again in 2015, when I did my umrah.

The holy land of Madinah. The place where the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) lived in. The most perfect man who is a blessing and mercy to all the lands and all mankind.

It is one of those few places that I've ever travelled to that actually gives a raw feeling of peace and contentment from the moment I stepped foot on it. It's too beautiful, beyond words. And I really miss it, even more so today on the date of the Prophet's Birthday. This photo of me (that small dot in blue in the middle of the photo) was captured by the husband when we were in Madinah in 2015.

May God grant me the rezeki to go back there one day together with my loved ones and hopefully to those who have never stepped foot in Madinah, I pray that you will be invited there one day and will witness its beauty as it is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime, I feel. When you are there, all your troubles and sorrows disappear, and you feel that you have a direct and uninterrupted conversation with God and feel near to the Prophet Muhammad. (But, of course we do have the opportunity to have a direct conversation with God from any parts of the world at any time)

Anyways, in Malaysia, the Prophet's birthday is a public holiday. 

Khubayb, Elhan and I are spending the day in the hospital today, going through his treatments to make him better, he hates some of it really bad, because its painful or uncomfortable  or just he simply doesn't like it but it is what is best for him though he might not know it now.  Similar to us and our trials. This is when I'm also reminded that sometimes we hate something that is good for us, and sometimes we love something that is bad for us. We are rarely able to look at the bigger picture ejen we are tested but we must have faith. 

Sometimes when you go through a hardship, there are those moments when you cannot fight it and the weight of your troubles comes down on you.

Elhan reminded me of this throughout the stay here. Means, something that seemed so negative might be actually a positive thing if we look at the bigger picture. 

We also had a few family members who came to visit Elhan here at the hospital today. 

Sometimes when you go through a hardship, you just go through it and push aside all the negative thoughts and feelings that is definitely there when you are in a hardship but there are those rare moments when you cannot fight it and the weight of your troubles comes down on you.

I'm reminded of the Prophet Muhammad's sayings or hadiths and they are timely :

1. "The greatest reward comes with the greatest trial. 
When Allah loves someone, He tests them"

So whenever we're going through something really hard, that stresses us out to the max, that makes us feel like we're going crazy, just remember to remind ourselves the above: one of the sayings of the Prophet. And this comes from the most perfect man who have ever lived in this world. And he was tested greatly. Much much more than any one of us if we even read his real life story briefly.

Just remind ourselves, God tests whom He loves. 

2. “No fatigue, nor disease, nor anxiety, nor sadness, nor hurt, nor distress befalls a Muslim, even if it were the prick he receives from a thorn, but that Allah expiates some of his sins for that” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Found this from the article "Tired of Difficulties?"

I'm definitely imperfect and not without sin. So to go through fatigue, anxiety, hurt or sadness and knowing that God expiates our sins for that, it feels justified. Might as well here in this world, and not there. 

I so needed the 2 hadiths right now. Peace and blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad for comforting us with his sayings while we go through whatever that we go through in life.

I remember when I was in the hospital carrying Jibrael, I was there for the longest time, 78 days and one of my aunties reminded me about this. And also she mentioned, she becomes worried when she is not tested and not going through any challenges, as she is scared that she is not loved enough. Sometimes the test of ease is worse than the test of hardship as it makes us forget about what truly matters. It makes us forget that this world is temporary and nothing physical, no situation, no emotions or feelings are ever permanent. That is why life is such a roller coaster ride. It is never stagnant. It is full of ups and downs.

Just before I started writing this tonight, I was about to start to burst out from the pressure and complain. I've kept a so called "strong" image the past few weeks for my son. But, I was just about to give in, crumble and accept that I am weak. As in, about what's currently happening and what I'm personally going through right now. 

But, at this moment, remembering his birthday and blogging about this is reminding me to be thankful. Thankful for the hardship that I'm going through right now. Thankful for life and all its challenges. Thankful for the tests. 

May we be granted with continuous patience, perseverance and strength to go through what we go through on a daily basis. And when we are at our lowest level, may we be given reminders to rejuvenate and strengthen our faith in Him and His plans for us.

May God increase our knowledge about this most perfect man and example, Prophet Muhammad saw, may we always try to emulate his inspiring characteristics and may our love for him increases. Amin.

Happy hols to all Malaysians!


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  1. Subhanallah and Mashallah that you perform umrah. I would love to know about your feelings when you reached Mecca and Medina and everything associated with it. Thanks for the share, thanks!

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