Celebrating Family

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I recently just had a family gathering, where almost everyone was here for a quiet family celebration. We had Japanese food at one of my most favourite restaurants in KL: Rakuzen! Nadhil was the one who suggested that we go there that night.

It had been awhile since everyone could gather to celebrate the birthdays in our family. But to me personally there are so many things we were celebrating, not just birthdays. So many gifts we have endlessly been blessed with but sometimes, when we are too busy with our work and individual lives, we may forget. Some of the things that we have now or are doing are actually things that we once (or more than once) prayed for or dreamed of doing. We forget that sometimes.

So Alhamdulillah, another year has passed with the family.  I'm blogging to remind myself in the future of the many things that we were celebrating on that night, 10th November 2017:

1 - Hariz’ super belated birthday because everyone was so busy. Even he himself was always so busy and active on campus and I'm proud and happy to see him so involved in a lot of activities in his university. Hariz came with the sweet Fira too. 

2 - Sya’s belated birthday which was a day before my mom’s surgery. But we also met in Singapore when Sya came to aere's Singapore Fashion Week Show just like how she came to aere's Jakarta Fashion Week show last year on her birthday as well.

3 - My belated birthday. It fell on the day after I came back from Singapore Fashion Week and I was just too busy with work and my lil fam (I still am). But it's the good kind of busy and I'm extremely grateful. Had a small and quiet celebration with the husband but not with my family.

4 - Celebrating Elhan. Celebrating his special day in advance (I won't be here in KL as I will be overseas for work for aere's next international show). He was stunned when everyone started to sing the Happy Birthday Song 4 times - He then started clapping as well and had his gaze fixed on the candle. Haha.

5 - Nadhil just ended his chambering and will be having his long call soon. I won't be able to be there for him on his important day that I really would've preferred not to miss - please know that I will be there in spirit and I am such a proud sister.

6 - Khairul just switched jobs and has started working at an esteemed law firm and I'm super happy for him. Lisa also just got back from working overseas for 3 months, yay!

7 - My mum for being the strong person that she is. She had just undergone a major surgery just a while ago, just before I left for Singapore. We were all really nervous about it but Alhamdulillah it went well with just minor complications. She's one of the strongest woman that I know and she's recovering from it and this night was the first time that she went out since her surgery.

8 - My father for being an awesome grandfather to Elhan and a wonderful and caring father to me and my siblings.

9 - My husband for being such a great father to our children and a wonderful husband to me.

10 - Simply celebrating another good year with the family, despite the trials and challenges throughout the year that each of us had to go through, we pulled through and not to mention with a bonus extension to the family: new family members.

Finally, not to forget all the many, many other blessings and gifts that God has blessed our family with. I may not be able to list them all.

While I'm blogging about this, I'm suddenly reminded of the first time we brought Elhan out on New Year's day 11 months ago, celebrating my mom's belated birthday earlier this year. Coincidentally we also went to Rakuzen, at a different branch.

Anyways, it was Elhan’s first time eating Chawanmushi and the Tamagoyaki Japanese omelette and he enjoyed it. He always gets more happy and excited when his Tok, Nenda, the uncles and the aunties are around - at least until he tires himself out (which isn't easy, he's a bundle of energy) and gets sleepy towards the end of the night.

I don’t eat as much as I used to so I shared with the husband and ordered just one dish, the chicken teriyaki and changed the mixed sashimi to salmon sashimi, because I prefer salmon sashimi over the others.

This is my first birthday celebration with the whole family together with Elhan, and it makes it even more special. I feel happy sharing the happiness with my whole family and just celebrating the 10 things above (and more). 

Celebrate family. Be thankful for the family that God has chosen for us and has blessed us with. It might not always be smooth sailing but everything begins and ends with family. So even though we might be busy, even though we might not live together anymore, or some of our family members might live far away, some may not even be here in this world anymore, we should make time to celebrate family and be grateful for our family no matter what the occasion. 

I'm reminding the workaholic in me first and foremost, because anyone who knows me personally would know how I was in the past and sometimes still is now. But, times have changed I think. I think I'm (much) better now at spending more time with family compared to when I was a lawyer. Always try to make time for family, however small. That time is precious, and very appreciated. Especially in times of need. There are instances, especially during emergencies that we need to just drop everything else. I think I learned that first hand with Jibrael exactly 5 years ago. I dropped everything else for the sake of a loved one, fighting for her life. Together. And that is what our parents actually do for us during the first few years of our life and some do their whole lives - to provide for us, love, care and everything else.

Treasure and show your appreciation for their sacrifice however best you can. And celebrate your family.


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