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 On 14th May 2017, aere had our first ever solo and exclusive show at Gaya Koleksi Raya 2017 held at Black Box, Publika. The solo show at 12.00pm featured 34 looks including aereMEN and aereKIDS. At 8.00pm (on the same day!) we had another show featuring 6 of aere's LIFE collection looks together with other brands for FashionValet. Here in this post, I'm sharing all the official photos of the 40 looks presented on that special day. I haven't done a giveaway in awhile but since this post marks a special milestone for aere... I'm in a giving mood! Scroll to the bottom of the post to find out how you can get one piece of the LIFE collection for Eid.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos!

Look 1  
aere's MARCEA Top and ALEXEA Skirt. 

Look 2
aere's CARUS Top paired with aere's CASUS Skirt  
and CARUS Mini Duo from aere's #aereKIDS line.

Look 3 
aere's EMYRA Top and REENIE Skirt. 

Look 4 
aere's ZAREA Duo. 

Look 5
aere's DANEA Top paired with CASUS Skirt.

Look 6 
 KADE Shirt and GAEL Pants with the complementing KADE Mini Duo from aere's #aereMEN and #aereKIDS line

Look 7
aere's LEXIE Top paired with ARCEA Skirt.

Look 8  
aere's CEARA Top paired with AERYA Palazzo. 

Look 9
aere's AURORA Top paired with CASUS Skirt.

Look 10  
aere's KAEL Top paired with RAEA Pants from aere's #aereMEN line. 

Look 11 
aere's FAELYN Dress. 

Look 12 
aere's AUREL Top paired with ALEXEA Skirt. 

Look 13 
aere's MARLEA Top paired with JULES Skirt. 

Look 14
aere's ALEXIS Dress.

Look 15  
aere's LEXIE Top paired with ARCEA Skirt. 

Look 16 
aere's VIANNE Top paired with CAERIE Skirt. 

Look 17 
aere's AURORA Top paired with AUREUS Skirt. 

Look 18 
aere's LAURENA Dress. 

Look 19 
aere's CARUS Top and ELLERY Skirt. 

Look 20 
aere's  MALENA Top and CAERIE Skirt. 

Look 21 
aere's MARLEA and ALEXEA Skirt. 

Look 22 
aere's LAUREA Top and RUFINA Skirt. 

Look 23
aere's DANEA Top and CAELI Pants. 

Look 24
aere's AURORA Top and ALEXEA Skirt. 

Look 25 
ZEN Shirt paired with ZEUS Pants from aere's #aereMEN line.  

Look 26  
aere's MALENA Top and RUFINA Skirt. 

Look 27 
aere's ESSIE Top and ARCEA Skirt. 

Look 28
aere's NARDA Top and CASUS Skirt. 

Look 29
aere's AURORA Top and CAERIE Skirt with the complementing AURORA Mini Duo. 

Look 30 
KADE Top and ALEK Pants from aere's #aereMEN line with the complementing KADE Mini Duo from aere's #aereKIDS line. 

Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

and now the night show! aere's exclusive LIFE for Eid Fashion Show at 8.00p.m. for FashionValet featuring 6 looks.

Look 1
aere's NARDA Top and RUFINA Skirt. 

Look 2
aere's AURORA Top and ALEXEA Skirt. 

Look 3
aere's AUREL Top and CASUS Skirt. 

Look 4  
aere's LEXIE Top paired with ARCEA Skirt. 

Look 5  
aere's DANEA Top paired with CAERIE Skirt. 

Look 6  
aere's MARCEA Top paired with AEREUS Skirt. 

aere wouldn't have gone this far without the love and support from everyone. It all started from this blog and the support of all my readers here and reading the entries on aere's Instagram contest in conjunction with aere reaching 100k followers this week (another milestone for aere and yes, you can enter that giveaway too!) just reinforced how far we've come - together. Gosh, it's been almost 3 years since I started aere, and for those who had read my blog and followed me even before that... what a journey, right? As part of my effort to give a little back, I would like to do a giveaway here where 3 of you can actually win any aere piece of your choice! Just share with me in the comment box below which is your favourite look and why as well as what aere means to you? I'd love to hear from you!


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  1. I love the look of Look 2
    aere's AURORA Top and ALEXEA Skirt.
    The look is stylish while still being minimalist, and the ruffle from AURORA top matches the motif of ALEXEA skirt.

    For me, aere means being stylish and simple at the same tiem.

  2. I love the Look 8 (CEARA Top paired with AERYA Palazzo). Its casual and comfy but still got the elegance looks in it. For me, aere still retains the objective of Muslimah dress. Its stylish and brilliant idea of designs. I can enrich mix and match all the elements and colors from the aere brand to whatever i like to wear.

  3. I love the Look 10 - aere's KAEL Top paired with RAEA Pants from aere's #aeremen line.
    A blend of modern contemporary silhouettes gives way to grandeur designs featuring with modern details on a clean cut construction, the KAEL Top and RAEA Pants is the perfect answer that you can make it work no matter what event calls. For me, Aere is elegance contemporary with a twist of heritage appeal.

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  5. I love Look 2 and Look 12 where you pair Aurora Top with Alexea Skirt. I am a very simple, minimalist person and does not like very loud patterns but this...is exceptional! A simple top with a very beautiful skirt is definitely my favourite

    To me, Aere represents someone who wants to be fashionable but not over the top. Simple yet extravagant, inspires a lot of people to keep fashion simple yet can still look so beautiful as if this world is our runway. Now, who says being simple and minimalist is boring? Aere can prove you wrong~!

  6. It is so hard for me to choose only one look because I love them all but since I can only choose one, I will definitely choose Look 29 Aere Aurora Ruffle top and Caerie skirt. The pleats are just love! The best part is both comes for mommy and daughter. Since I am a new mommy, and still breastfeeding my 1 year old baby girl, this top is perfect since it is nursing friendly too!! And matching outfit with my daughter! Thank you aere for making my life easier. I am now waiting for the aurora ruffle top and caerie skirt for my baby girl and for me!!! Hehe

    Aere inspires a young mother like me who still wanna look stylish but still fulfill my needs as a mother. The idea of aere kids is brilliant! Thank you Aere! Furthermore, I've been following raja nadia sabrina since forever. You inspire me the most.

  7. Oh I love Look 21- MARLEA and ALEXEA Skirt. This masterpiece portrays elegance and luxury despite the simplicity which I believe represent most of aere's collection . The 'blink blink' effect is undoubtedly epic by turning the normal plain boring piece into a magical creation.

    'simple yet elegance - aere'. Since I love simplicity but wanted to keep looking elegance, aere is my choice. I started to love aere since its epic sleeve masterpiece - YASS! bell sleeves and other kind of epic flowy sleeves fall into my list. After all, all of the masterpiece never fails to bring rainbows to my screaming simple personality. Thank you aere!

  8. Hi aere! My favourite look would be Look 24.

    Aere has always been one of the favourite clothing lines to all ladies out there. Each design has its own story and uniquness which makes aere totally different and special to women's heart. Aere maintains the elegant concept in their clothing lines and the best part is that it is complied with Shariah principles. This would be a bonus point for Muslimah out there to shop without having any doubts. I wish nothing but the best to aere! :)

  9. Hi aere! I'm Masyitah. My favourite look definitely would be Look 2 from aere's exclusive LIFE collection, the AURORA top with ALEXIA skirt. I've been wanting to buy this chic ruffled top but my size was always out of stock. What not to love about this look. It's fashionable, current and modest at the same time. The top can be styled up with skirt/sarong/batik for a formal event or pair up with culottes/ripped jeans for a casual look. And the skirt well you can match with every plain top that you have in your closet. Aere has become my favourite for my baju raya because..easy, I just love it! I bought 3 pairs last year during the eid collection and I still wear them till now. For me aere reflects the air that we breath and feel; calming, cooling and refreshing. Every look in aere's collection is just so beautiful, versatile, easy going, not too much and most importantly they are super comfy. Congrats aere for making an amazing eid collection for this year.

  10. My favourite is Look 11- Faelyn Dress. Aere has always using soft pastel colors which describe the founder as the designer. All of aere collection suitable for all year, for event, casual looks everyday. Easy to mix & match, for me, aere is a clothing brand for classy women who wants to be fashionable, at the same time maintain the modesty muslimah styles, with minimal design. Love the new aere life collection. Rnadiasabrina has always inspired me ❤️

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  12. I love the Look 24. I always adore AURORA top since it is so stylish with the ruffles yet still looks simple and pretty. Paired it with the ALEXEA skirt, so glamorous with the detailing and will definitely shine our eid with the unique design.

    AERE means comfy to me. Any AERE designs will give you comfort, feminity and proud when u wearing it. There is always a 'thing' with this AERE and I just love it

  13. Assalam, Hi and congrats Aere.

    I am loving aere's CEARA Top paired with AERYA Palazzo.

    I am an active person and love to get feminine as well, hence Look 8 is my fav.

    I love how Aere emphasize classiness, elegance while at the same time maintain the modesty muslimah styles - shariah compliance, with minimal design. Perfect for an active - simple but nice - person like me.

    Congrats once again, Aere.

  14. salam babe :))

    to choose the favourite is tough but i'd go for Look 24 --> aere's AURORA Top and ALEXEA Skirt. maybe i'd go for something like pink aurora and blue alexea skirt. or maybe try the green aurora with the cream/gold alexea skirt.

    because aere is definitely very versatile that you can easily mix and match AND will still look good in it. without compromising the comfort! a definite day-to-day wear indeed for active mommy like me

    keep it coming, babe. i look forward to more wonderful pieces from you. congrats!

  15. Salam,

    I love Look 2 - aere's AURORA Top and ALEXEA Skirt.

    Aere for me is a symbol of love and determination of a person to become successful despite all the challenges faced. It took enormous inner strength and the right mindset to actually be successful. Aere also screams elegant and comfy for me. The best choice to appear strong-willed yet feminine.

    Congrats Aere!

  16. Congratulations Aere!!!

    I love Look 22 - LAUREA Top and RUFINA Skirt. Love the bold colour and the pleats at the top.

    Aere to me is definitely fashionably modest! Very classy and elegant, not over the top. That is how we women should dress ourselves. Simple but still fashionable. I love how Aere kinda bring out the creativity in me where I can mix and match their collection according to any occasion. Love it!

  17. Congrats Aere on your newly launched Eid 2017 LIFE collection!

    All pieces are amazingly stunning! Its extremely hard for me to choose but if i had to, i would go with Look number 5! Aere's DANEA Top paired with CAERIE Skirt. The piece is brilliant. I love the colour which is so bold, unique and it stands out completely when compared to other pieces (or collections from other brands! shhh) I am not really a fashionable gal but I think this piece can make me instantly look like one. ;)

    For me, Aere is a brand that brings together both fashion and modest muslim women style together. what I can honestly say is that all Aere's pieces from the initial collection up until now is syariah compliant and it makes us muslim girls dress happily and satisfied knowing that our aurah is taken care of, despite looking all sassy and classy in its pieces. Kudos to RN Sabrina for creating such collections, and keep up the good work and continue to dod what you do best babe!

  18. My favourite look is definitely look 11 - Faelyn dress because I love the effortless look combined with a twist of feminity of the knot giving it an edge. I love it cause its a neutral piece, so you can slay the fashion game but not be the elephant in the room. It's the perfect piece for when you want to fool people that you have got your life together hahaha. :D AERE to me means always being comfortable in your own style, going with your own fluidity, and always keeping yourself calm amidst all the hustle and bustle of a city life.

  19. Hello salam alaykum! Just like everyone I couldn't really make up my mind, I love love love Look 12!! The blue-black colour speaks to me, and I am definitely obsessed with MARLEA top, such an amazing piece.

    I've always pronounced AERE as 'air' (pretty positive thats not the right pronunciation), but i think AERE is a lot like air, something everybody needs, something everybody breathe (I'd breathe in your fabric anytime just call me up ) something that represents freedom while being modest, amazing and elegant. Keep it up love! So proud to see our local brand soaring in the sky ❤️

  20. I've gotten my eyes on Look 17 
    aere's AURORA Top paired with AUREUS Skirt. It's extremely beautiful, love the fringe/ruffles detailing, and the skirt! The material is similar to Cerus pants! ❤️(I have that too!)
    To me, Aere represents the spirit of life and love. Simple, sophisticated and chic! Congrats on your achievement @aere. May you soar to greater heights! InsyaAllah!

    Love, Fara..❤️🦋

  21. First of all congratulations 🎉 it seems like just yesterday I bought the Carina top, but girl, you've come so far!!

    For others, aere maybe just a brand, for some, aere is another option in terms of Islamic clothing. But for me, aere is the epitome of a wonderful strong woman.

    aere's designs are simple yet versatile. Modest yet stylish. Soft hues yet strong impression.

    aere really has shaped my life, a lot. From aere, I learn and try to be a better person. Not just the way I dressed but the way I think too.i try to be modest, but at the same time, I want to give a good and strong impression. I want to be modest but not dull. I want look versatile but not too overboard. I want to be aere.

    Everytime I saw the new collection, I am so excited and thankful to the aere team. Thank you guys for coloring my life (and my wardrobe). 😂 To you, and aere team, thank you so much and I wish you all the best. Amiiiin


    PS, look 2 AURORA Top and ALEXEA Skirt is my favourite. One word to describe it? STUNNING 😘

  22. For me,aere is an on trend brand that celebrates and embraces women's fashion. From each an every design's of aere,I can see the sincerity of the designers to encourage woman to present themselves modestly, with a good feeling and with lots of self confidence by wearing fashionable clothes that are designed with the concept of allowing them to maintain their overall modesty.

    Honestly,I don't know how to describe the satisfaction of wearing aere's clothes.From the best and high quality fabrics and sewn at the highest level,to the cutting-edge design patterns,and subtle flares of originality in their garments.Everything just looked so perfect!

    Honestly,I fall in love with all looks of aere's LIFE collection for Eid but I will describe my feeling towards look 2 from the night's show which are aere's AURORA top and ALEXEA skirt.From this look,I can tell that the designer had aspired to make all the global trends relevant for woman who dress modestly.I love how they play with the soft hues of neutral colors,combined with layers of the ruffles and matched with the elegance sequins skirts.Both the top and skirt look so classy and clean, with a soft colorfulness in flattering cuts.The best thing is,ALEXEA and AURORA can be mixed and matched with different tops,skirts and bottoms outside the Eid period to suit different occasions.How I love that so much.

    Last but not least,congratulations aere for you amazing achievements throughout the past three years.Please continue producing modest and stunning clothes with the best quality. I believe that one day your brand will be uplifted the to highest level internationally as a brand that celebrates and embraces women's modest fashion.

    Hanis Aiman.

  23. I fell in love with most of the looks and personally I like look 17 because the colour look like soft pinkish tone and fresh. I always love aere's collection, they always look soft, feminine, and elegant. I love the fact that aere's look can be wear in almost any occasions and it is very versatile and the fabric is soo comfortable. That's why aere's collection is a must have for this eid and I just got one ��

  24. Hi assalaamualaikum,

    My name is shairah.

    Congratulations on your big success throughout the years. Amazing how you could left your career and pursue your dream with fv 3 years ago. And it became successful and well known each n everyday. So proud of you Brynn.

    and thank you for doing this giveaway. I always found aere to be very beautiful feminine but firm at the same time. I love how you always play with layers and A-line tops. I love how you design it according to syariah compliance and husband compliance of course! I want to buy some of your pieces especially Look 24
    aere's AURORA Top and ALEXEA Skirt for raya. But i could not afford to buy it and i know where i stand(lets not trouble my husband) so i go for another brand. I even have a aerewishlist of aere products that i want to purchase once our family budget is not so tight. Sory brynn not that i do not support aere but i hope u understand.

    aere has always been my first choice and you too Brynn, You have been my first look up for fashion. You(aere) inspire a lot of people and i think aere is just resembles yourself. Strong independent beautiful humble woman and always positive inside you. I dont really hope to win this giveaway but i think i have said enough on how i feel about u and aere. You've done a really good job. Your family wouldve been proud that i know :)

    For me aere resembles raja nadia sabrina. She is beauty, independent, firm, hardworking and love by many people. ❤️

    Keep up the good work ya.
    Thanks for doing this giveaway. I hope other people will appreciate aere the way i do.

    Lots of love,

  25. Assalam Raja Nadia!
    First and foremost i would like to congratulate on Aere's achievement up til today. I love how Aere portrays modesty in its every designs, see, we all can still look good and at the same time still got covered.To me, Aere's collections are very versatile and we can easily mix and match the tops with pants or skirts, thats what i really like about Aere. Why be boring when you can outshine every day right?

    Moving on to my favourite look, i really love the look #2 from the night show! The colour, ruffles, pattern on the skirt everything is so perfect (to my liking)! in fact i fell in love when i first saw your picture wearing Aere's AURORA Top and ALEXEA Skirt. You are just so beautiful, makes me wanna Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V just what you're wearing :)

    Last but not least, all those words in the world is not enough for me to express how excited and proud i am seeing Aere (& of course you, Breen) taking women's and men's modest fashion to the next level and keep on inspiring us, InshaAllah towards being a better person <3

    Lots of Love,
    HEYNONA <3

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  27. Dear Raja Nadia,

    Its been tremendous year in 2017 seeing you marching very fast for aere!Congratulations for aere's LIFE collection at gaya Koleksi Raya 2017!

    There's no word can describe how much i LOVE all the design, details and each of the aere button everywhere around the clothes. The unique is aere did lots of study and homework on how each of attire can be mix and match and the most important, it still looks stunning yet minimalist, modest yet stylish and simple yet classy.

    To choose which looks is catch my eyes is very frustrating because EVERTHING MAKES MY EYES STARRED 15MINUTES!! 30 + 6 LOOKS =540 MINUTES..Just to see the embellishment,the ruffle, the color, the flowy and yes the model hehe..

    Well, the Look no.24 (aere's AURORA Top and ALEXEA Skirt) makes me starred longer than the others. The mix and match really creative. Ruffle,flowy,details andstyle really show AERE style! Hope aere can always fullfill all women and men dreams of attire.

    You go girl, Rnadia. Always support you!

    Syeera Hanis

  28. I super loveeee LOOK 17. What Aere means to me? Aere is like colours,colours that can change everything! Colours affect people in soo different ways. Aere is just like colours to my life because it gives me life, feels and effections. As my first decision of the day is choosing what to wear, I usually choose clothes based on my mood and feeling that I want to potrey on that day. Aere's pieces's colours and design are really3 enforcing the message, emotions and personality. Aere is really a change to my wardrobe and altered the perceptions!

  29. Salam. I definitely in love with look 5! It is so simple yet it spell elegance in it. I am not a stylish person and I don't follow fashion very much, but aere's makes me want to fill my wardrobe again! Plus it is so hard to find a clothing brand that are loose and covering the aurah. Earth colours are my bread and butter so yes AERE's, you got a fan here. Keep up the good work Rnadia!

  30. I would love to choose Look 1. Amazing piece to show to the world it's from my local, @aere. Been following since day one, i think @aere brand are comfort, a keeper, easy to match (and mix-match) with any situation/event/function. And i notice, through all your collections, your printed collection - always a hit. That's your niche @aere. Maybe because the founder have good instinct in art. And not to forget your pants. lovable. And your top - always current, on demand and inspire other brand (not designer - means: @aere have forte to inspire other). Your Zerene collection will always in my mind. @nuraini_swarapena

  31. I love all of them. But the most favourite is Look 17 Aurora Top and Aureus Skirt. Aere is personally so special to me because of the design, modest yet classy. Suitable for everyone for any occasions and great for everyday wear. Thanks for the lovely touch ��.

  32. Hi there Sabrina (my first ever girl crush) - no intention to sound creepy here : hehe
    I am so happy that I have met you twice within last one month.

    I love love love Look 9- aere's AURORA Top paired with CASUS Skirt.

    AURORA is love at first sight. Enough said, it would a staple if its in my closet!
    The choices of bold colors also can brighten ones life - mine in particular. LOL.

    AERE will be always close to my heart because it is effortless chic! yet modest for all.

    Thanx in advance ya!

  33. Congratulations, I am so happy for AERE!
    I can't decide between look 1 & 2. I'm loving white at the moment. This is minimilistic, yet elegant. ❤️

    I used to get laughed all the time by my sister and mum because if my simple taste in colour and pattern. But, I like minimilistic yet classy designs. It speaks volumes. Thats what AERE is I think.

    Congrats again lovely. I hope you have many more success to come

  34. Salam sis. I'd say I definitely love look 16. It looks chic, simplistic (IMO) but still able to standout. It really is a wonderful experience seeing your journey in making Aere a brand it is today. For me, Aere represent a dream, hope and will of a strong woman that came through. Your stories had always inspire me to do better and try my best at what I love.

  35. Look 1 & look 21– I love MARCEA & MARLEA Top and ALEXEA Skirt so much because it sequin! It quite hard to find glamour, glitter look like this with full linen for muslimah otherwise you must buy a dress and cover it with inner. Because most of designer focus on non-hijab so in order for hijabi women to wear the design that kind of sequin look need to wear inner to cover aurah. I find it hard to get this glamour look but now I found aere! And for sure I had got my own MARCEA Top and ALEXEA Skirt in white from AERE. Thank you for saving my life. I can wear it for my Nikah sooner InsyaAllah. Thank you AERE Muahh!

    Love, Nurulhuda Lip.

  36. Look 16 – VIANNE Top & CAERIE Skirt is really nice combination. VIANNE Top looks like ‘Anyaman Ketupat’ haha that I think suitable for Hari Raya! No one think to create design like this. I can call this as ‘think out of the box’ because this is so rare to find in other shop. No one think to create this top. Besides, it can be so fashionable in this fashion world! For the CAERIE Skirt it looks like kain kurung belah tepi if you get me. It so traditional and classic plus combination with VIANNE Top which exactly suitable for Hari Raya. I love the combination so much, the colour also can make me look so feminime if I wear it.

    Love, Nurulhuda Lip

  37. Congratulations on the first solo runway show and running two shows in one day! Such a great and coordinated team you got there!

    I like look 14 - Alexis dress. The simplicity of the dress allows it to be dressed up or down, fitting for any occasion. the dress also accentuates femininity, which is helpful for someone like me who is not very demure to begin with.

    Aere to me reminds me of air, dynamic and fluid, just like how your designs are. Every article of clothing from Aere is versatile to fit anybody of any background, age and size. The versatility helps the wearer to appreciate the piece they are wearing. The versatility of the pieces also represent you, who start out as a lawyer and now a successful fashion designer. And to me, that's what makes Aere an amazing brand to follow for years to come.

  38. Hello @rnadiasabrina !

    at first whenever i heard the word @aere,
    what comes to mind is something that is 'light'. i guess i was not wrong at all!
    wearing/looking at every details of @aere's collection, they never failed to make us feel very comfortable in it.
    not everything that is nice is comfortable but @aere is out of this world. on top of that, @aere never failed to prove that LESS is definitely MORE.
    the designs are all simple, easy to wear but the choice of colour, cuts, hems and all make one outfit very classy!

    i was there at your #gayakoleksiraya solo fashion show, and i must say i, still, am admiring Look 21 (@aere's MARLEA and ALEXEA Skirt). the sequins in neutral palette is just so classy!
    i believe it will emphasize the beauty, radiates whoever wearing it. Besides, the flattering cuts are definitely everyone's favourite :)
    I've seen Nora Danish & you too @rnadiasabrina wearing this so that is a definite plus point for me to crazily fall in love with this look.

    in a nutshell, @aere thought me that sometimes you dont really need to be extra to be noticed. you just have to be comfortable being you.
    thank you @aere for taking modest fashion to the next level <3 Proud seeing our local brands achieving success.

    Congrats @rnadiasabrina + @aere !

  39. Look 17 & 29 – Sorry for posting comments more than 3. I really want to share what in my mind. I am so excited to tell you what I feel about AERE as I don’t get a chance to have a conversation with the founder hehe. AURORA TOP for look 17 and 29, I love to see the ruffle at the front and at the back! like when we walk, its look flowy. I think if I wear this one, I gonna be confident to walk or going anywhere with this piece. The material for this top is so unique when I touch it I feel the spirit of AERE, the styling design that AERE made that I can’’t find it everywhere.
    For the AUREUS Skirt it look clean, the cutting of skirt perfect to wear and it can also be match with any blouse. For CAERIE Skirt I had comment about it in previous comment

    Love, Nurulhuda Lip

  40. AERE means so much to me because the designer has design every piece of AERE with LOVE, till making me fell in LOVE with every pieces of AERE.

    AERE light up people LIFE as we wear it in everyday LIFE, we can feel the spirit of #AERELiFE

    AERE give a LIFE to AERE's fans.

    Love, AERE's fans (Nurulhuda Lip)

  41. First of all , congratulations on your beautiful pieces !! I am a big fan of you , your design and the way you expressing your creations . I love this year theme and surprisingly, the choice of the colour attract me the most .

    I love the 1st look , the NARDA Top and RUFINA Skirt . I am a big fan of baju kebaya and the way you transform the kebaya into a very sophisticated piece , makes me feel happy and at the same time , admiring your skills . I love the way you appreciate our traditional design and transform it into a beautiful modern kebaya . Most importantly, you still keep the modest look in your design as I actually fall in love with all of your collections.

    Aere is your life and your soul . For me , AERE represent Alive , Exclusive , Radiant and Enchanting . All of your design is alive , and I can see it through all of the look you created . The way you tell the story behind your looks make it very exclusive for the buyers . By looking at the pictures of your runaway shows makes me feel so radiant because your design is glowing and shining brightly . I love the way you enhance the beauty of the model when they are wearing your design and I am very sure that this is what attract the people to buy and appreciate your design .

    Thank you for creating this looks that is very beautiful and sophisticated. I hope this will lift up your spirits and make you go further for the next year . I can't wait to take a look on your next year's theme . Congratulations once again , my favourite designer .

  42. My favourite look from Life Collection for Eid is Look 18; aere's LAURENA Dress.

    The dress reflects what aere means to me: understated yet elegant, muted but classy enough to compliment the wearer. That's why I always love aere; for staying true to its existence!

    P/S: Congratulations for the beautiful Life for Eid campaign (and I totally love my Aurora top ❤️)

  43. The moment I spotted Look 21 among others in FV, I have fallen in love with it. For me, these pieces' design is so intricate that it shows Aere's philosophy of love towards its users, weaved with modesty for Muslimah and embedded the sense of believing in oneself. Embracing it would mean so much to me as I've been an avid fan of Aere since the beginning.

    Izzaida Fadhya Che Ibrahim

  44. Hi, first of all Bon Anniversaire Aere!

    Among this collection I fall in love with Look 14, the ALEXIS Dress. Without any doubt I chose Alexis because trust me it will be superbly convenient on Hari Raya;

    Got splash of kuah kacang after your kid drop the ladle into the bowl. Just clean it and its gone, there will be no stain since its black in color!

    This amazing creation's wonders didn't stop there. So you guessed that it will be the same old 'boring black', IT NEVER HAPPEN IN AERE.

    What? Yup. Those sleeves are definitely going to steal the limelight. Those epic drama sleeve will give a voila impact to the wearer.

    After all, Aere do gave me a deep impact since it first ever masterpiece. At first, I thought it was very hard for me to find a simple yet affordable clothes (yup that's the sad reality of fashion world). Alhamdulillah, after I sign up Instagram Aere pop-up in my explore page. At first I thought it will be the same pricy collections like other brands but NO. Since then, Aere become my fav brand! You rock it Sabrina!

  45. Dear Raja Nadia Sabrina,

    What @aere and I had was love at the first sight. Your fashion sense always got me oooh nice with stars in my eyes, indeed a girl crush.

    I have something from every collections you have.
    @aere has always been my choice of outfits for any special occasion. Be it my birthday, anniversaries or simply just because I want to look impressive.
    From casual to classy look, you can never go wrong with @aere.

    Congratulations on your 100,000 followers @aere. Keep making beautiful and stunning clothes for us. I can wear you everyday .

    For the latest aere's LIFE collection for Eid, I love all of the designs. But if I have to choose one favourite, it would be Look 21, aere's MARLEA and ALEXEA Skirt. Such a head turner this one. How can one not fall in love with this piece.


    Intan Zee

  46. Dear Raja Sabrina,

    What shall I say, I love them all. Seriously. But since you asked to pick only one, then I'll shall pick look no 1. The Marcea Top and Alexeia Skirt.
    This is love at the first sight when you upload on intagram before your launch your LIFE collection for Eid.

    But i also love Aurora Tops in all colours! *cries!! I think that tops will be my favourite at all time

    Why i love these looks?

    Because it is STUNNING. It shows feminity, courages and verstality. And I really love it!

    What Aere means to me?

    At first I'm not sure how to pronounce Aere. After a while, I found it its actually to pronounce it similar like airy. Yes this is Aere means to me. Air. It represent comfortable, light and
    And I can see that all your collection are airy (comfortable, light and spiritual) and modest for everyday look.

    And why I love Aere?

    Because I love your style since first I read your blog longg time ago!

    Thank you and congratulation for your beautiful creation.

  47. السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

    My favorite look from the Life Collection for Eid is Look 16 - Vianne Top paired with Caerie Skirt. Major love to this particular look!

    Aere's design is simple yet the simplicity of the design brings the utmost sophistication. As a revert and new in wearing hijab, Aere's design speaks to me the most in a modest, subtle yet classy and elegant ways. Just like the theme of each of Aere's collections, Aere's collection brings LOVE, HOPE and LIFE not only to the wearers but also to the whole umma. What we wear not only represent ourselves but it also represent what we advocate for this world. A better world fills with love, hope and life. Couldn't be any prouder with your achievements and how you surprised us with each collection dear sister.

    A four years old toddler muslimah :)

  48. My favorite look will be LOOK 17: Aurora Top & Aureus skirt.

    Because i just love the design of aurora. It feels like it represent the northern lights of aurora phenomena. How particles, electrons and protons collide because of the disturb of solar wind can produce such a beautiful light in the sky. Combination with aureus which represent ancient Rome just so perfect. Wearing this look will surely make all the girls out there be confident and elegant just like the names. To me all the look that we wear is actually a voice that we want to speak and yes this collection speaks that whatever collision that happen to me, it will lead me to become a beautiful aurora.

    What aere means to me is that it makes every women out there feel beautiful and confident. Aere design is not just a wear but it's a wear that speaks. I believe Aere's design is a reflection of inspiration and symbolisation. It can be seen by their names and style. People who wear Aere speaks and they speak loud and confident.

    All the best dear cousin RNadiaSabrina.

    Najwa Syahirah Safian

  49. Salam and a big congrats and Alhamdulillah for your achievements!

    Staying true to your design and make it look modest yet very stylish do makes me start buying aere in a first place. The material choices and the designs do fit well with us (especially muslim). It is not surprising aere can achieve so much in so little time, and I believe there is so much more aere can be in the future. The practicality and choices that aere gives in mix and match top and bottom is really amazing! Not many designers can achieve that, but yet you showed us in your designs. Good job!

    For me, look 24 is the bomb! The color, plain top with a little surprise at the bottom and of course that magical skirt will turn all the eyes to the wearer in a split second. That outfit can easily makes me look pretty this Raya. hehe

    Again, definitely Look 24, aere's AURORA Top and ALEXEA Skirt.

    Congrats again and please don't stop designing and producing aere. Best of luck to you darling!

    Huda Hashim

  50. السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

    My favorite look has got to be Look 1 (aere's MARCEA Top and ALEXEA Skirt)!

    I've been your silent reader in both Instagram and this blog for years and i have witnessed how far you've come up to this point. I am just an ordinary girls trying to survive this world and seeing how tough and strong you are to face all challenges keep inspiring me to do better! And I couldn't thank you enough for that! AERE to me speaks classy, intelligent, brilliant and femininity and of course it represents woman with passion and confidence. Being able to wear this AERE's look would be a very great present for me and to be honest, I am one of AERE'S fan however, I couldn't afford to wear it everyday for now ( I am still collecting AERE'S pieces little by little) and hopefully one day I'll be able to buy all my AERE'S wishlist item! Hopefully (finger crossed) I'll get this look for Raya Insyaallah!


  51. Salam Ramadhan. Saya memilih gaya 17 (Look 17) AURORA Top dipadankan dengan AUREUS Skirt. Kelihatan sungguh sopan, warna yg lembut tampak keibuan, tidak terlalu menonjol, masih berfesyen tetapi tidak keterlaluan. Jelas mempamerkan sisi sofistikated namun masih mengekalkan ciri muslimah dgn cutting yang loose. Siapa kata muslimah tak boleh bergaya?
    Aere, bg saya satu jenama yg berjaya menambat hati isteri (lihat saja almari dirumah ��sudah tentu di approved oleh saya) isteri pernah bercerita tentang foundernya yg humble, punyai ciri keibuan dan sgt muslimah walaupun dikelilingi oleh dunia yg glamour.
    Aere berada dikelas yang tersendiri, dan mempunyai satu aura yang cukup hebat. Sekiranya saya terpilih, saya ingin menghadiahkan pilihan ini buat isteri tersayang sempena syawal ini. Tahniah untuk pencapaian yang memberangsangkan. Jgn berhenti berkarya. Semoga Aere semakin cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang dengan izin Allah.
    Salam ramadhan, Zahid

  52. Congratulation Aere☺︎

    I love Look 17
    aere's AURORA Top paired with AUREUS Skirt for this time collection.

    What is the best in all of Aere collection, they are soooo flexible in donning for any occasion.
    I do not have to worry to put them in formal or fancy events. Their minimalism showing design are too perfect for me who does not want to be 'overdoing' in my daily attires or special events.
    But, the sure thing is you still have the styles in syariah compliance that I really adore in nowadays trend.

    All the best, Aere!
    Your fan,
    N Syafikah

  53. Assalamualaikum Raja Nadia Sabrina,

    My eyes never stop to stare at Look 29 dreaming seeing me and my daughter in prestigious aere's AURORA Top and CAERIE Skirt with the complementing AURORA Mini Duo.

    Everyday without a missed my pit stop at Aere ig and Your'personal ig. To see how aere would bring the style to high level. And of course to see the new design of aere. The way the zip were put on, the ruffle were swing away, the details of emblishment,the modesty and class that aere would make myself and my family looks stunning on happy day.

    Congratulations Rnadia and Aere Team for making the design for all items in Aere. Well done and keep it up the good vibes you have!!

    Wassalam, Syeera Hanis

  54. I am in love with all your collections of course. I even have 3 Essie Top already (havent found any skirt to match with them yet). hehehe but given the chance to choose, I'd go for Look2, Aere's AURORA Top and ALEXEA Skirt. Why? Because I have a thing for plain tops and especially in white or light colours. I wanted to own Aurora too but Essie first hehe. And I have been drooling over the Alexea skirt even before it was released. So classy. Plain and sequins combined, marvellous!

    Aere? I would say just by hearing the brand name, I can think of comfort, confidence, inspirational. Still collecting Aere little by little. More to come :)

  55. My favorite look is look 17. Aurora top paired with aureus skirt are ao gorgeous and a girl's dream to has it in the closet.
    Aere for means confident. Wearing aere has lift up my confidence. I feel beautiful, confident and modest and the same time. Aere has been with me through my journey in life be it exam, presentation and interview. aere will always be with me continuing my journey called LIFE
    Aere's fan

  56. Assalamualaikum to Raja Nadia and also to the rest of the aere team! Congratulations on the archivement that you guys have accomplished right now cause you guys deserve all the credits for after working so hard!

    I have been following Raja Nadia's instagram, read her stories once in awhile and just to say this again, congrats. Well done. And most importantly, you amazed me for your bravery and strength!

    For me, aere has always been an inspiration and also a reflection to the image of women nowadays. From the simplicity but exclusive to the professional look, also a little bit of princess-like-feeling while looking urban and modern for women out there whenever they wear aere. Another word to describe this is CHIC! I feel like aere collections have been giving me the vibe of embracing your beauty and empowering women's power! Because it boosts the confidence to the busy women out there who are trying their best in whatever they do, from the single ladies, to the married women and also mothers. It caters all those needs-simplicity,exclusive,confidence,less hassle yet the sweet and bold at the same time.And now,they even have the kids' range! Major love for the mothers out there! To be honest, it makes me feel good. Pretty clothes make us happy and more confident, don't we? And I have to say, I love the First Look ( aere's MARCEA Top and ALEXEA Skirt) the most cause it looks amazing! The material and details make me go awww,love at the first sight!

    Anyway, congrats aere team! And to kak Raja Nadia, thank you for being a role model to me. For real!

  57. Salam kak raja nadia sabrina & aere. Syafiqah here. First and foremost, I would like to say congratulations for the successful release of new designs for your raya collection this year. I got to admit that your raya clothes line are really very pretty and how I wish if I could own all of ur raya apparels.

    Next, I would like to say thank you for organizing this giveaway for ur dear readers and followers and we appreciate it very much. Tbh, I find it hard to choose 1 look among all the looks as all your other looks are to die for and if I were to don it, I would feel like im on a runway. But since I have to make a choice, I would go for Look 3 which is aere's EMYRA Top and REENIE Skirt. This is because I am the type of person who goes for minimalist, classy, stylish, versatility and soft shades of colour. And this emyra top and reenie has it all. Its soft pastel hues brings out the elegance in a woman. Also, although the top and skirt may be plain, if we are creative enough, we can be classy donning this apparel. This is because the emyra top and reenie skirt is versatile. I can easily match the emyra top with a white or black bell bottom palazzo, white skirt with a touch of accessories and a brown hijab and I'm good to go. Whereas for the skirt, I can use a black peplum top or even a bell sleeve top in white with the skirt and a dokoh and I already look classy.

    Indeed to me, aere is defined as, simple, classy, minimalist,beautiful shades of colour, comfortable, convenience and trendy. I find it easy to mix and match and by donning aere out, it makes me feel confident to strut the runway. Aere outfits also does not require much layering to go out as their clothes are not that translucent which makes it suitable for the hot weather currently. The prices of aere are also affordable for all which won't burn a hole in our pockets!

    I also have always admired the fashion sense of kak nadia as no matter how she styles her aere apparels, she always looks so classy and so effortlessly flawless. I hope that one day I can be a successful woman entrepreneur like her in shaa allah. With this, I hope I'm able to win your beautiful aere piece kak nadia.

    1. Hi dear, could you please contact us at hi@wearaere.com
      Thank you.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. Bismillahirohmanirrohim

    Assalamualaikum Raja Nadia. Saya amat suka Look 17 kerana ea simple tetapi elegan. Aere pada saya ada keestimewaan yang tersendiri dari jenama-jenama yang lain nya. Aere adalah sangat simple tetapi memberi kan aura "chic", elegan dan mewah setiap kali saya memakainya. Fesyen-fesyen baju aere, sesuai dipakai ke tempat kerja,casual, mix n match, kenduri dan lain2 tetapi tetap nampak chic dan stylish, boleh "dress it down" atau "dress it up" mengikut majlis. Elegan kerana stail baju, skirt dan seluar lain dari yang lain yang memberi "attractiveness".Pilihan fabrik pula yg diguna kan aere sangat tinggi dan kelihatan mewah yang boleh dipakai "forever" dan kelihatan hebat sepanjang masa!

  60. Dear Raja Nadia,

    Congratulations for your fabulous achievements! I am sure that you and your team work really hard to be what you are now. Even though you are just 3 years old, but you did wonders!

    For me, the moment I see your design I completely fell in love. I am a big fan of your brand! I also managed to influence my family member to like your brand. =)

    Aere means air. the element of air is very important in our life as it represent, mental power, kind hearted, optimistics, indipendence and joy. As a women we should be like air, light and kind hearted, and soft but at the same time we should be determined and optimistic and the most important thing is to be independent! Being a women also does not mean we need to limit ourselves. No boundaries like air. At the same time we need to enjoy our life and dont let others to control us. I can see that in your brand you try to show that! That what I like a bout Aere, feminine, light yet bold!

    As for the runaway looks, I love all the looks! But I do have one favorite look which is look 2 during your day fashion show. For me the Mother-Daughter matching attire show a very strong bond between mother and daughter!

    I wish you all the best for your future.

    Salam Ramadhan and Eid Mubarak.


  61. The moment my eyes laid on look 24, it gives that "wow", "omg", "arghhh" feelings (if you know what i mean). I super love the design! The dramatic ruffles for the top really the trend that should never die! Pair it with the sequin abstract skirt is one of the mix & match that really shows how different Aere is compared to others. To me that look potraits you, yourself and your heart & soul. Lively, simplicity, minimalist, modern and ofcourse creative at the same time.

    P/S: I am happy that you've come up to this far, congratulations to you! I still remember i met you back then when you opened up a preloved booth at your house in KL. I drove all the way to there although that time I just had my driving license! God knows how i felt that time driving by myself to that busy area of KL! And ofcourse i bought a lot from you too! LOL memories. Super proud of you! Congrats again to you & Aere!

    P/S/S: I already have in mind which shawl colour I should pair it with this look!

    - Mastura

  62. Aere means and feels.."Air" to me..meaning sleek, breatheable,weightless..
    I love the look 2 for every day look,the cut is so sleek yet so modest from causal dinners to fancy shopping-it would be my go to outfit.I love how the skirts are stitched to give an elongated look..
    For men I love the look 25..the slant cut..color looking rich because of the fall of the material..
    And for formal look i Love the look 2 from the fashion velvet show..
    The skirt is beautiful..The material..the embroidery..not to showy not to plain...
    But i preffered how you paired it with a peach top on insta..
    Love love love aere..Ramadan 2017 collection wz awesomeee too

  63. never feel bored looking this collection Raja Nadia.. Ohh i love these that the flowy the layers.. 😊😊😊😍😍

  64. My favourite look from Life Collection for Eid is Look 18; aere's LAURENA Dress.


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