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I'm just so excited that aere's LIFE for Eid collection is going to be released in 2 days time insyaAllah. Why LIFE? You may ask. But allow me to unfold it, one post at a time.

All I can say for now is that I've been experiencing some life-changing moments since I started this collection. Especially since the end of last year and it's been an amazing journey so far. So this year, the aere collection in conjunction with Eid is a little more colourful with more details and it comes in a variety of choices and colours for you to play around with.

For those who have followed aere's collections for Eid since 3 years ago, you would know that I've been releasing the pieces separately instead of as a set. The reason is because I myself am an advocate of mixing and matching. I would rather create my own look by mixing and matching rather than wearing something as a set. Speaking for myself, when I try to get a little more creative by creating different looks from pairing items in the wardrobe and somehow pull off a cohesive look, I feel a personal satisfaction.

When I first launched aere's first collection for Eid in 2015, I also released the CERUS Pants in that collection. I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous about releasing a pants for Raya but I had always thought wearing pants was necessary for raya. Usually after all the Raya traditions of going to for prayers and visiting family, relatives and friends are over, you just want to change into some comfortable, yet still raya-ish stylish pants to rest and relax in, especially when we go out with cousins / friends /family the night after raya, as is the norm. We usually wouldn't want to wear the traditional baju kurung or kebaya when we go out for movies etc. So in the end some of us wear jeans etc. 

So when I first released the CERUS Pants during the Eid season, I thought why not? We're going to wear pants anyways. It turned out to be one of aere's best selling items and we had to restock it a number of times in the span of a year. And till today, we still have  a lot of requests to restock the CERUS.

I guess this year is no different than the past 2 years in that sense. aere is still channelling the same spirit, continuing with creating versatile, multi-functional, separate pieces not only suitable to be worn during Eid but also throughout the year.

Here I am wearing the DANEA Top and CAELI Pants from LIFE's first release in 2 days time. The DANEA Top is one of our most coolest tops this year as it can be worn in different ways. Leave it as it is, it looks like a long asymmetrical tunic top. But by pulling the end of the top into a small side loop, you can shorten the top and add extra details on the side, making it look like a different top altogether. The potential for the DANEA Top is huge! Another plus is that nursing mums would love this top too as there are hidden zippers underneath and you can actually cover your baby with the top part without using a nursing cover. 

Anyways, have a quick look at the video at the bottom of this post to get some ideas on how you can style the versatile DANEA top. 

Till my next post! 

Outfit Details :

aere's DANEA Top in Dusty Orange
aere's CAELI Pants in Ginger
Photos by Hazimah

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