Book of LIFE - Behind the Scenes of the Rise of Malaysian Designers

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My first ever feature in a coffee table book. Is this for real? Somebody pinch me already. When I was first informed about this project by the Fashion Valet team I couldn't believe it but I tried my best to mantain my composure and stayed calm. First they came to my office and interviewed me. There were so many questions, personal questions, about aere, about the switch of career 3 years ago, how has it been so far, some very deep and well they really digged in alright. They wanted me to be as raw and vulnerable as I can and so I tried my very best.

I guess there's a reason why I'm a blogger first, it's because I write (or type) better than I speak or talk especially when put in the spot with difficult or personal questions. So, I'm not going to lie and say that I was pretty nervous at first but at the end they made me as comfortable as possible, thanks to Nadia Alisya Norzuhdy for the smooth process and for arranging everything. They got me to share some things that I've never shared anywhere before.

A week or two after the interview (also because I was travelling recently) we had this photoshoot for the profile shot for all the designers and brands featured in the coffee table book called the Rise of Malaysian Designers by Fashion Valet featuring most of the designers who stock with FV. I'm so happy and grateful they chose me and aere to be a part of this. Thank you for the major feature and the opportunity and I really honestly can't wait to see the outcome of all the hard work that the FV team has put into as well as the outcome of my interview, the write up as well as the selected photos. I heard that it's going to be released before Eid this year! 

Outfit Details :
aere's recently released DANEA Top and CAELI Pants both from aere's LIFE collection for Eid.

Video captured by Hazimah
Edited by Kamil Haziq


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  1. wonderful blog on this Malaysian designer and I am looking forward to her interview too for some great trendy styles. Keep on sharing. Thank you