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Arrived home at 2am a trip to Singapore with Hazimah for the LOVE collection event and was at the venue for LOVE's campaign shoot at 8am the next day. The rest of the team, model, photographer, stylist MUA arrived at about 7am. No doubt we were physically exhausted but when it's a labour of love I always find it rewarding in the end and the excitement and adrenaline rush keeps me going.

"Travel brings love and life back to your life" -RUMI-

From Jakarta, to London, to Brunei, Singpaore and then lastly back to Malaysia. The LOVE pieces have  been travelling around. :) The LOVE collection was first showcased in Indonesia at the Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 and then the LOVE pieces were exhibited in London at the Pure London show. Modvier also brought aere's LOVE pieces for an exhibition in Brunei at the Modest Fashion Network event. And then we had our first ever exclusive styling session in collaboration with FashionV alet's Singapore store joined by Singaporean stylist Camira Asrori and now here in this post I'm sharing with you the LOVE campaign shoot featuring the up-and-coming Bruneian dynamic duo, photographer and stylist, Izzy Osman and Ajeera Abdullah.

I was hoping and praying hard that everything will go smoothly as there are a lot of looks to shoot and I haven't done an outdoor shoot for aere for quite awhile now. I'm going to share more Behind-the-Scenes stories and photos soon but here in this post are my first BTS shots for the first 2 outfits.

Till then xx

Outfit 1 

Outfit 2

Photographer : Izzy Osman
Stylist : Ajeera Abdullah
Accessories : Fashion Valet 
Model : Nato
Makeup & Hair : Ummi Nasir
aere's Team : Yana, Pat & Haz 

All the BTS photos in this post were taken by me. The one with me in it were all taken by Hazimah :)


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