My Kind of Monday Blues

8:29:00 PM

Happy Monday everyone! I'm officially back to work today. I've taken a step back for awhile to focus on family. I was actually still working but only through my laptop, emails, whatsapps and Instagram for over a month. I've shared previously here on this blog on what I've been upto and actually have been only working from home. Basically I've been at home most of the times recently except for the few events that I went to which must have been less than 5 times within the past one and half months. Now I'm recharged and ready to go all out!

So, today I had a very productive day filled with non-stop meetings with aere's team for design, production, operations and marketing matters as well as as there are so many exciting things happening with aere this year. I sure am psyched and at the same time, as I'm writing this I can't wait to also go back home to see my family!

Anyways, managed to get this OOTD shot right before all the meetings started since 10am today. As soon, as I finished my last meeting at about 7.30pm I started to blog this post.

I'm wearing all blue today, but surely the feeling that I have today is no Monday blues. I've never actually understood the concept of Monday blues but it must be also because I love what I do. I read somewhere some time ago about how it's not good to have meetings on Mondays but I feel that its a great time to kickstart the week for  a productive week ahead. Have a productive week with work and have a wonderful time with your loved ones too everybody!

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