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Lots of us use our mobile phones not just for personal use but mainly and even more so for work. Especially me: a lot of my work for aere involves using a lot of social media – so I need my phone with me all the time. When you see me looking at the phone, it's mainly either I'm on social media uploading photos, attending to queries, replying to messages or communicating and dealing with different parties for work. 

I recently switched to using an iphone 6S plus earlier this year and I love it. One of the things about iphone that I like is the premium, aluminium feel – you can just feel that it is solid. I got the 6S plus mainly for the bigger screen because since I am constantly on my phone having a big screen helps.

But recently Apple came out with a new iphone: the Iphone SE – with a smaller 4-inch screen, it’s a cuter version that performs just as well as the 6 and 6 plus series – according to online reviews. Everyone now knows what an iPhone can do. Especially with their awesome camera and pictures – its really great for Instagram (hehe) and syncs with my Macbook Air too. If you’re an iPhone fan but prefer it subtle, you’re in for a treat!
So it’s really cool when U Mobile recently came out with a plan so that subscribers can get their hands on the new iPhone SE - with a new affordable plan from only RM 58 per month. You can choose from full financing or semi financing with flexible repayment schedules of up to 36 months. You can own the iPhone SE without having to save up that much.

I went to their website just to have a look at The process is really simple. All you need? Your IC, latest one month salary slip, latest 3 months’ EPF statement and your bank statement with bank details. If you think I might have missed something, I didn’t. Yep. No credit card needed. No upfront payment too. But you might think, what’s the catch? I don’t think there is any. There is an interest charge imposed, but even then the rate is pretty attractive. Just go to their website at and follow the simple 4-step registration. You can also go to their stores and fill up the form offline too.
If you’ve been dreaming of getting your hands on the iphone SE, this is a great offer to check out!

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  1. I always admire ur outfit..n ur style..selalu nak tiru2 cara u posing heheh..can catch me n mylooks at nak gayakan baju dr aere ni😁😁