First Week at Work in 2016

10:21:00 AM

First day of work in 2016 yesterday was filled with meetings with aere's growing design and production team and also manufacturers and suppliers from morning till night time. When you run your own fashion label you don't really have any break from work as you think about it and work all the time and I love that about running aere as it's something that I enjoy doing, I'm truly passionate about and love so much, so most of the time I forget that I'm actually working. (I have the husband to remind me about that :p)

Eventhough there are a lot of challenging and nervewrecking times, most of the time I feel that it is extremely satisfying that my hobby turned into my career. With more responsibilities, more things to learn and goals of course. I love my job. All praises to the One who determines our path, Alhamdulillah. It's something that I would never have imagined when I started working as a lawyer and I'm truly humbled and grateful for the productive year in 2015 running aere and blogging more seriously.  

I'm starting 2016 with this thoughts and I'm hoping that I will continue feeling this throughout the year even though stressful days ahead! Hehe. May it be even more productive this 2016! InsyaAllah.

I wore this smart casual look yesterday for my meetings. I'm wearing a short dress which I just turned into a top and I like the minimalist v shaped sheer net panelling at the sides which gives a flattering slimming effect when worn.  at the sideA Short Flared Dress in Cappucino from 50450 , aere CERUS Pants and Sugarscarf

Photo by Farah and Effindi.


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