11:35:00 PM

It's been a wonderful long weekend for me. Mainly just resting and meeting up with family and friends. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed! I went for a quiet date with the husband eating and chitchatting at one of our new fav spots (right after he took these photos). :D

At the same time I was also busy preparing for aere's second release tomorrow! Here in this post I'm wearing two of aere's new designs from the Essence of Grace collection as previewed at KLFW 2015 which will be released online and offline in less than 12 hours time! More designs are coming up so do check it out tomorrow morning :)

I wore aere's ILIARIA Flared Pleated Skirt and ORA Reversible Full Metallic Top with dUCkscarves and also a watch I won as a gift for a Best Dressed contest as mentioned in my post I See Red.

Wow, only a few days left before we end 2015! Have a productive and wonderful last week of 2015, whether you're on a holiday or working :) Till my next post!


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  1. OMG that skirt is so beautiful and it suits you well!!!! :DDD


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