Shades of Grey

1:08:00 PM

And today we entered October. Time sure pass by so fast. So much has happened this past year. 

Anyway, I've been feeling grey lately. Hence, the all grey look.

Here's an all grey look captured by kneok recently. I'm wearing this Skivvy Cropped Top from House of Bubblegum, a new watch from MEM Watches and aere's AQUILA Skirt all  available at Fashion Valet. I'm wearing a studded bag I love which I got from Bali a few years ago and some Jeoel accessories too which I'll blog in a later post.

Till my next post!


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  1. sekarang tengah usaha nak kuruskan badan ..mana tau lepas ni boleh pakai macam akak...hehehe

  2. Kak Nadia! you are so so pretty!!! <3

  3. I've been having a hard time juggling between work and life at home. Sometimes, i wish to be able to be calm and manage everything in a manner that is organised- without having to neglect both my mental and physical health. When i look at your pictures, i am always amazed at how calm and beautiful you look. You've inspired me a lot to be a woman with career, but still can look good, may Allah bless you.