KL City Oxblood

9:11:00 PM

Managed to get my hands on the black KL City Scarf from dUCkscarves that everyone went crazy about! This is the full look I wore  to the Sekuntum Mawar Merah theatre which I blogged awhile back. Paired the scarf with aere's OLIVA top together with my husband's pants. (Yes, I can wear my husband's pants. Not the other way around though)

I created the OLIVA as a comfy, no-need-to-think staple top that I can wear daily to work, without looking lazy. The fabric also is luxe enough to make it look good on its own. 

Shea Rasol captured all the photos above and I miss us taking photos of each other!

I also miss drinking through a straw right now as I just had surgery to remove all 4 of my wisdom tests 2 days ago.

Outfit Details :
KL City scarf from dUCkscarves
OLIVA Oversized Buttoned Cuffs Top in Oxblood from aere


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  2. Are you feeling better post-op? I sure hope so!

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