Dream Destinations

8:30:00 AM

2014 has been a blessed year for me in terms of travelling. Apart from Krabi, Jakarta, Bandung and Singapore, I’ve travelled to places that aren’t really touristy – Humen and Shenzen in China and Surat, Ahmadebad and Mumbai in India for example. But these travels have given me a zest for discovering more places that are unknown. Of course, I would also like to travel to my dream countries if given a chance. Hehe.

Well, what are my dream countries? I’ve recently travelled to the Holy lands of Makkah and Madinah in 2012, and I last visited my birth place England in 2012 (for work), so that’s crossed off the list. But there are still quite a few on the list: Italy, Paris, Turkey, New York and Egypt!

So it’s really cool that RHB Bank is giving its customers a chance to choose their dream vacation for two worth RM 50,000.00 from the following destinations: Italy, New York, Dubai, Germany or Paris! That’s three out of four on my list too. RHB is really wanting me to enter this, right?

Through RHB Now Internet and its new phone app “RHB Now Mobile Banking App”, RHB is making online banking convenient to all its customers on your desktop or on your smartphone, on the go or at home. And just by doing that, we might get to win a free trip for two? That’s really awesome.

Okay, so you’re wondering how you can win that dream vacay, right?

It’s simple. All you have to do is register for the contest and perform simple online transactions with RHB Now Internet and Mobile Banking. For more details, check out  http://www.rhb.com.my/Whats_New/rhbnow/travel-around-the-world-with-rhbnow/how.asp#.VJEeWcmKvhA

Oh, there’s also 5x Monthly prizes of iPhone 6 and 10x weekly prizes of Petronas Gift Cards if you’ve been there and done all that. But can anyone really get tired of travelling? I don’t think I will. So sign-up guys. Travelling is an experience for yourself, and its worth sharing too!


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  1. We were on a tight budget and thankfully, these guys were extremely understanding about our small budget. I loved every minute of the wedding reception here and I owe it all to them.