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Happy Friday guys.

Yesterday I went for an entrepreneurial talk titled Journey to Harrods by Puan Sri Shariffa Nisa Bakri's  at Best Western Premier Dua. It's a sharing experience on how a local businesswoman had succeeded to get her own brand into a world renowned establishment, Harrods. When Min Jee told me about the talk, just two days before, I couldn't refuse. I am glad I went because I must say it was quite insightful. 

She shared about how she started her business and how she managed to now have 50 stores worldwide. They also provided hi-tea (so that we could feel like we were in Harrods, they say) and it was a nice session of meeting new people and making new friends. The event was held by Peniagawati and it is the first session for the Entrepreneur Extraordinaire series. 

Anyways, I managed to capture a few ootd shots just before the talk. Remember I blogged about the EDITH Detachable Jumpsuit in Jumpin Jumpsuit? So, yesterday I decided to mix and match the blue and black EDITH. I took the blue top and the black pants of my EDITH and turned it into a 2-colour jumpsuit. Since the jumpsuit by aere is detachable and can be separated into top and bottom, you can really get creative and create your own multicoloured jumpsuits. Get creative, guys!

Just to top off the look, I also brought a cropped jacket along with me. 

Have you gotten yours? If you have, have fun mixing and matching your EDITH! I don't know, new colours maaaaaaaaay or may not be available soon. You get what I mean? Hehe. What colour would you like? Just curious to know. Anyway, DO share with me your looks by hash tagging #wearaere on IG. Or you can also send me an email (click "contact" tab).

Thanks Aina for taking taking these photos!!


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