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Good morning readers,

I know I haven’t made such a big deal out of it but I think I have mentioned before that I have recently just moved to a new place (A Fresh New Start). It’s been a slow and steady progress. We have been adding furniture slowly, bit by bit, to make this place as comfortable as possible and call it as our home.

However, I must be really honest and say that home appliances weren’t the first thing on the radar. What was the first thing we absolutely had to get? Yep, it was the internet connection. Haha. We also had the basic furnitures like the bed, sofa and dining table which we bought for the house two years ago.

Slowly, we then began to use some of the wedding gifts we received 4 years ago, including an electric kettle, sandwich maker, coffee maker and all the plates, pots and pans, the cutleries and kitchenwares. We then gradually bought an iron, and then a vacuum cleaner. Recently, we reached a milestone when we just bought ourselves a fridge, after living for the past two months without one. (Now I know how it’s like to live without a fridge). It is only when you have lived without something that you truly begin to appreciate more of that thing when you have it.

Having a fridge kind of excited me because it means that I can now cook, and that is something I’m looking forward to doing. I’ve blogged about my love hate relationship with cooking in (Cooking 1 : Ayam Masak Sambal Tumis).

It’s also sort of a weird coincidence that at a time when I’ve just begun to appreciate home appliances, I was invited to attend a convention held by Toshiba at the Genting International Convention Centre last week.

Since it was held at Genting Highlands, a few bloggers and I were required to gather at 8.00 a.m. sharp. We took a bus which was provided, and I sat next to and made friends with Melissa. We clicked instantly. The bus ride was fun because we chatted all the way up!

When we arrived, I was a little surprised because it was a huge event. I didn’t know what to expect as this was my first time attending a convention of this nature. The theme was “Smart Technology, Smart Future”, and we were blown away by all the latest technology on display at the convention. There was a press conference by Mr Hitoshi Katayama, the managing director of Toshiba, who explained that Toshiba is expanding its market in the home appliances segment.

Toshiba then launched their new L9450 Ultra HD 4K LED TV with Android, which I must say, blew everyone away. It was state of the art and pushing the boundaries of today’s technology! The screen was incredible and huge too. It comes in 84”, 65” and 50” inches and the quality of the screen is consistently crisp and doesn’t pixelate at all. It’s also an Android TV, meaning that you can download the latest android apps and play them on TV.

This TV can also support more than 28 video formats via USB and convert the quality of the picture to Ultra HD. After the launch of the TV, I think it took another 10 minutes before we managed to pick up our jaws from the ground. It was spectacular. And I immediately wanted one!!! My dream TV!

Everyone was then given a walkie talkie after which they separated us into small groups  and took us on tour.

We were shown Toshiba’s brand new refrigerator, their awesome new washing machine (with the mind blowing magic drum technology), their latest kitchen appliances, including their microwave oven and a cutting edge rice cooker (yes, rice cooker) which we were told could be used to bake cakes too. Yes, cakes. Oh, I also almost forgot to mention about their cool vacuum cleaner, which had the capability to detect dust termites. All of their appliances had sleek designs and I instantly had to have them all. Hehe.

Their Inverter Multi Door Refrigerator is really cool. It is my dream fridge now if ever I want to update from my current one. It has 6 doors for different items and it also has touch screen!!! It was kind of funny when Mel commented “Wow, can’t believe we’re excited over a fridge. It must be the age!” and I couldn’t do anything except smile and nod in agreement. I don’t really care what people say but that fridge was really awesome!

Light refreshments were served near the cooking appliances section, and since we were hungry, I guess we stopped by at the section a little too long, until we were “encouraged” to leave there as we kept on taking all the finger foods they were preparing. The duck was awesome! Hehe.

After the product tour, we were served a generous spread of buffet lunch. I was quite surprised that even Mr. Hitoshi was so humble, he patiently queued for the food together with us as well.

Thanks Tian Chad for this picture of our group!

Toshiba then held a lucky draw contest– and gave away 3 of their latest cutting edge technology TV. I was really hoping I would win the TV because I really wanted it. I know my husband would love it too. Our house is still TV-less. Hehehe. Another blogger won the TV, though. And I’m sure she was the happiest lady in the room too. The other two winners were from the press.

To console the rest of us who didn’t manage to win the TV, Toshiba surprised us again by giving us a “door gift” just before we were about to leave. What is this door gift? Check it out below:

This was the rice cooker I was talking about. Is this cool or what? Now I can bake rice and cakes in it. Maybe even rice cakes? Haha. It even says you can make sushi in it. Sushi. Yes! I love sushi!. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to use it. It’s a savvy kitchen helper, for home makers and also ladies on the go, like me. Thanks Toshiba! I’m also definitely going to fill up my new place with the latest Toshiba products. Slowly, of course. I’m not sure how much the L9450 HD 4K TV costs, but that is now my official dream TV, when I finally get round to buying one.

In the meantime, enjoy some pictures of the event.

Photo by Tian Chad

Photo by Tian Chad


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  1. aaahhhh!!! SO MUCH LOVE for this post. & yes, it's crazy how gaga we were over all the home appliances! lol. there's a Martha Stewart in all of us ;D

    p/s - i gave my door gift to my momsy. she was over the moon!