Back Alley

12:44:00 PM

Hello dear readers.

I can't believe it's almost the end of Ramadhan already! It will be so hard to say goodbye to this beautiful month. The blessed month of forgiveness. 

Anyway, I love that nowadays I can wear whatever I like to work! I'm wearing this straight cut purple skirt featuring side pockets with PU leather trimmings. The pockets are a plus for me. I can even put my handphone it it! 

Somehow the leather trimmings made me feel like the motorcycle background is just appropriate.

Leather and motorbikes. Get it?

Random. :p 

As for the dropped shoulder top, I know I will be wearing it a lot because it is just supercomfy. I am pretty sure you can tell from the pictures.

Enjoy your last days of fasting! Three more days till Raya! :D

Outfit details :

Shawl Paripari Shawls gifted by Hasanah Hilmi

Location : Bukit Damansara
Photographer : Farid Rosli


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