The Tutorial You Have Been Waiting For

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Before I get to the much awaited tutorial, just a few words on the outfit of the day.

My beloved Hasanah took these photos of me during lunch time on a weekday near my office. 4th March 2014 to be exact :) Tried to limit ourselves to 15 frames but that did not happen so here's 15 shots.

The simplicity and versatility of the Belle Black  and Olivia Black allows me to pair and match it with almost anything. So, I wore the Belle Black and Olivia Black together and it looks like an all-black dress. This wouldn’t look out of place for work, casual or even at a gala dinner, although of course you would maybe want to jazz it up just a little bit further with some accessories, belts or bling.

This is why I love the Belle skirts so much! As mentioned previously I can wear it whenever and wherever. :)

I really can’t decide which is my fave: the Belle skirt or the Swan tutu skirt. I just wish I can show you the amount of fabric we used when the skirts were produced. With volume and flow in mind, it has turned out to be even better than I expected it to be when drawing it on paper. I really love it. 

Talking about drawing on paper, I am such a noob at drawing. I literally laughed at myself when I begun drawing a few designs for ARNADIA's first collection last July 2013. Hasanah is much much better at drawing. That justifies her designing background and my legal background I suppose. Hehe.

I get a lot of questions asking me who designs ARNADIA's items. The Olivia was initially designed by Hasanah and the Belle was designed by me. Then we fine-tuned the designs together. Now, there you have it. 

And now, the TUTORIAL!

A few people have wondered how the first photo in this post was taken and have been asking me about it. This is not the first time I took this kind of photos. So, for those who have wondered how I did it, I am sharing it here in this post!

Scroll down to the end of this blogpost. The last photo is a pictorial tutorial of how I did it. Just hold both ends of the skirts aaaandddd let it go! *singing it like the song in Frozen*  


Wait!! Come back!! I'm just doing this for fun as I've received questions asking how I did it. This was not meant to be a tutorial when the above photos were taken. These are just shots Hasanah took before we got the 'perfect' shot (Read : The first picture). More of a behind-the-scenes photos. Hehe. If you want me to post any tutorial of any kind, do comment below and I'll try to work on the ones with the most request! :)

Of course, the most important secret ingredient to capture such a picture is the Belle skirt itself as the fabric is of good quality and again, much more voluminous than most ready-to-wear full skirts around.  *biased much?* hehe. It swishes and sashays when you walk in it, too. An indescribable feeling like you're in a Disney movie. :) 

One of the photos below reminds me of Batman. See if you can tell which one? :) I really had fun for this shoot together with Hasanah, Shima and Dian that day. We were laughing so hard when I accidentally did a Marylin Monroe. No, no one else was there. It was just us and our laughters. Blessed to have friends like them :)

So now, here you are ladies, the tutorial you've all been waiting for (after the Pari-Pari Style Tutorial two years ago and Hijab Tutorial 2 last year)... the Belle Picture Pose Tutorial! 

Try it out and don't forget to hashtag #rockingaya on IG so that GAYA can have a look at your fun photos! :D And to the owners of the Belles and Olivias, thank you for supporting the very new project of mine. Baby steps :)

And there you have it! Let it go.... Let it gooo.....~~~~~~~

Outfit details :
Top : Olivia Black from ARNADIA by GAYA
Skirt  : Belle Black  from ARNADIA by GAYA
Shawl Paripari Shawls available at 
Bag : Michael Kors, gift from aunt, Ende Cho
Bangle : Gifts from my mother and my late grandmother, Opah
Photographer : Hasanah Hilmi



I'm reminded of my post "Timeless Classic : Nearing Eid Nostalgia" in which I wore all black and was photographed by the fabulous Kim Leow.

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