Pink on Grey

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This was what I wore to Langston Hues : Meet & Greet at Talent Lounge the other day.

It was a delight to take the pictures because of the beautiful backgrounds. It was such a beautiful area.

I wore Belle Grey circle skirt and paired it up with my hot pink cropped top. This shade is different from the one I wore in Belle in Gray which was the Belle Smoky Grey. I've always wondered whether its grey or gray? I've seen both used but I've always used it interchangeably. So, a quick google search tells me that one spelling is American English and the other one is UK English. So, I guess it doesn't really matter.

Anyways, I wore Belle Skirts from ARNADIA by GAYA in various colours previously.  See my previous looks  in my posts Belle AyraKicauan Indoors , Lemon Crush and Belle in Gray.  GAYA has already released the skirts on GAYA's instagram at @gayacollective specially for @gayacollective 's instagram followers. Not long from now, GAYA's website will be launched. Everyone has been asking me but the website is still under construction. As of now, only some technical stuffs pending. Gaaah. I myself really can't wait for it to be launched! 

We have been working very hard on the website and if God wills it, it will be launched in this month of March. 

So do keep a look out as we will announce the launch on our IG very very soon. InsyaAllah.

Happy Friday and have a good weekend everyone!

Outfit details :
Top : My Apparel Zoo
Shawl : Sooka Scarf at ILoveTudung
Skirt : Belle Grey from ARNADIA by  GAYA
(Available on
Bag : Vintage geometric bag from my mother's closet
Arm Candy : Gift from my mother 
Photographer : @kneok the husband



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