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Happy Wednesday :)

On Sunday 19th January 2014, the day after we were done with my brother's wedding reception at Ipoh I wore this outfit. Just before we left Ipoh to come back to KL my husband took this shots. I wore my Belle Black Skirt, Ayra shawl and a nude top. This was the outfit I wore the day I posted Radiant Orchids

Oh yes, it's been a very busy busy week for me. Exhausted. But, Alhamdulillah. Busy is good. :)

I wore Belle Skirts from ARNADIA by GAYA in various colours previously.  See my previous look posts in Kicauan Indoors , Lemon Crush and Belle in Gray.  I am happy to share that GAYA has already released the skirts on GAYA's instagram at @gayacollective through an Exclusive Pre-launch Sale specially for Gaya's instagram followers.

In my last post Radiant OrchidsI wrote about how I love the Numma Nuur instant-scarf I wore. Now, this Ayra scarf is another design of scarf also introduced to me by  Natasha Hudson. I love that I can just slip it on without wearing any pin. It is stylish too in my personal opinion as you can style it in many ways! This time around, I did wear one pin just to cover my inner.

Full details below, as usual.

Enjoy the rest of the week dear readers. It is my brother's wedding reception on our side this Friday! InsyaAllah, it will be another beautiful week :)

Outfit details :

Shawl : AYRA (Code AYP05) from Numma Nuur (IG : @nummanuur also available on Lana Store Fashion Valet and EILIYA)
Skirt : Belle Black from ARNADIA by  GAYA
now available on 
Bag : Handmade Zipper Bag from London gifted by the husband
Arm Candy : Gift from my mother and late grandmother, Opah
Photographer : @kneok the husband


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  1. You look absolutely stunning! I love the unexpected pattern of the scarf to go with your outfit :)

  2. Haiiiii..Cakkk!!
    awak cantikk.. bergaya n daboomm
    done follow sini no. 1117
    sudilah kiranya follow me back yea..
    he2.. salam kenal.. keep in touch yea..=)

    dan my 2nd blog