Mint Lace Scallop for Bahayanya Wanita : Theatre Review

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Can't believe tomorrow is 2014 already! How time flies. 

Last Saturday on the 28th December 2013 I watched Bahayanya Wanita the theatre which was staged at Panggung Sari Istana Budaya with my husband organised by my cousin-in-law Nadia Monira. It's a comedy and partially musical theatre. The whole show was super funny, light and entertaining yet filled with lots of hidden messages. As I remembered, the full house audience of the show including myself laughed throughout the whole 3-hour show. The casts were Zizan Razak, Umie Aida, Erra Fazira, Erma Fatima, Lana Nordin, Johan As'ari and Nora Danish. All of them did an amazing job entertaining the audience! Zizan had great chemistry with all the other casts so I must say he did a superb job as the main character of the show. 

I have never seen Zizan performed before but he really was so funny with his antics as the main character who struggled to divide his time for his 3 wives who all have different characters and needs as a wife! Both my husband and I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole show watching his flawless acting and spontaneous jokes. 

The theme was centred around marriage and polygamy but it was presented in a light comical manner. Probably the only part which made me a bit uncomfortable was some of the parts acted out by Johan As'ari as an Ustaz mentioning God's name in vain but in the end I realize there are some messages they were trying to convey to the audience. It is actually a reminder about men who uses religion to make them look good and pick up girls or attract the opposite sex. May God protect us all from bad hypocritical characters and characteristics!

There are about 18 songs performed by the actors and actresses whereby the songs were modified to suit the theme of the story. Gosh, just writing this out made me laugh! They were just a super funny bunch. The show runs from 20th December 2013 till 31st December 2013. (last day is today!)

All in all, as much as there is a high status for women as wives and mothers however, ladies shall always be reminded that our husband deserves the utmost respect no matter how successful we are in this temporary world we live in. An obedient wife and the husband being pleased with the wife is one of the path to paradise. Just as a good man is the one who treats his wife the best.

Just sharing here a few snippets from articles I read online together with its link.
"... Prophetic tradition narrated by ‘A’isha, she said that Muhammad (pbuh) said that the best of the believers is the one who is best in manners and kindest to his own wife. 
These sayings 'hadiths' demonstrate how Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) cared for his wives and how well he treated ‘A’isha, may Allah be pleased with her. 
One of the forms of cuddling and well treating one's wife is feeding her with one's own hands. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: 'whatever you spend is considered charity even the mouthful that you put in your wife's mouth.'
 Even the food that one feeds his wife with his hands is considered an act of charity that is rewarded by Allah the almighty and not only an action that guarantees her love and cooperation." 

"God instructs men to be nice to their wives and to treat them well to the best of their ability: 
'…And live with them in kindness…' (Quran 4:19) 
The Messenger of God said, ‘The most perfect of believers in belief is the best of them in character. The best of you are those who are the best to their women.' "

How beauteous are the laws of God. :)

The last time I went to Istana Budaya was when I watched Yuna at Istana Budaya this year. Found some old blogposts of mine where I also blogged about my other experiences of watching theatre shows including the ones at Istana Budaya : Broadway's Dreamgirls the Musical , Terima Kasih Cinta & Brickfields Now & Then by Thor. There are some theatres that I went to this past few years that I did not blog about though because time did not permit. 

I still remember that my parents used to bring me to watch theatres and musical since I was 10 years old :) In Malaysia and overseas. Waaaay back before Istana Budaya existed. They liked to bring me to English theatres too. Remember going to Actors Studio below Dataran Merdeka, then Bangsar Shopping Centre. *reminscing*

Do watch and support our local theatre scene!


Anis Rahayu and Sasqia, Nadia Monira's friends coincidentally wore orange and green as well! 

Anyways, I wore a lovely mint green top. I like the soft colour of the top, the scallop detailing at the bottom as well as the lace detailing at the sleeves. Normally, a mint green coloured top will be more suitable to be worn during the day but this top is suitable to be worn at night as well. I matched it with the Swan White Tutu Skirt and a white scarf to bring out the colour of the top. 


Outfit details :
Skirt : White Swan from ARNADIA by @gayacollective 
soon to be released in
Bag : My mother's vintage clutch which she loved so much
Arm Candy : Gift from my mother and late grandmother, Opah
Shawl : Paripari Shawls available at 
Photographer : @kneok the husband


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