Pu3 Look for Mira's Wedding Reception

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Oops, looks like I was too excited for my cousin's wedding! :D I know some of you may have read my previous lengthy post on her reception, but I took it down for personal reasons. I will republish it again when the time is right, soon! Sorry my lovely readers.

For Mira's wedding reception, I was told that family members were required to wear gray (or, UK: grey). Since I didn't really have any gray dresses, so at the very last minute, I decided to wear my nikah (solemnisation) kurung beaded top with the gray Swan Skirt from Arnadia by GAYA (@gayacollective). Matched the look with a gray scarf and my white engagement heels (Flashback : One Step Closer : 27.02.2010). I had hoped that the cream-beige kurung top would accentuate the gray skirt and scarf because I didn't have anything in gray.

My soulmate, my lover, my bestfriend, my husband. Abdullah Khubayb.

My husband wore his wedding reception gray suit, so (I think) we matched perfectly. It turns out that only the uncles and aunties wore gray, but Ika and the rest of my cousins wore black, so hubs and I were the odd cousins out in gray instead of black. Oh well, it was still in-theme. 


It has been a long while since I've worn my solemnisation top (well, I haven't worn it since my solemnisation!). It's been 3 years plus to be exact but it feels great to wear it. (It also feels good to know I can still fit in it!) :) I didn't get the chance to take a lot of photos during my solemnisation ceremony and wedding reception due to health reasons. I didn't even do an outdoor shoot even though it was part of the package as health did not permit me to. There is an old post in which I put up some pics of me wearing it: Wedding photos & video.

A few people asked me to blog about my wedding. I haven't had the chance to blog about it till now! Yes, I know it has been 3 years plus. Now it's even harder as I lost most of the pictures in my harddisk including all my wedding photos. (I'm still hoping that it can be retrieved).

My cousin Cho Azalea of Pu3 really did a splendid job with my solemnisation outfit. Three years on, and it's still every bit dazzling and mesmerizing to me. And I can still wear the top for formal events too. I also like the fact that it goes well with the Gray Swan Tutu Skirt. If you know me well enough, you know I'm a sucker for mixing and matching my outfits. :)


Outfit details :
Kurung Top : Pu3 Pesigns
Skirt : Grey Swan from ARNADIA by Gaya
    Gold Bangle: Gift from my mother and my late grandmother, Opah
Shawl : Sookascarf
Photographer : @kneok the husband

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  1. Yup... Sis nadia.... Gojesss sgt u ni.... W/pun berhijab.. Tp masih menutup aurat... Love your style....

  2. Subhanallah... you are so BEAUTIFUL dear! i adore u dlm fesyen muslimah...~

  3. Who r u calling stupid?? Ur words shows ur education level fikiran terbuka.

  4. Fikiranterbuka nampaknya berselindung di sebalik id fikiran yang terbuka. Cih poodah! Ada ke mai dok menyergah org mcm tu. Nmpk sgt kebodohan sndri. Biol