Lawyers Wear Colours Too

10:15:00 PM

People usually think that lawyers dress up in black and white all the time. I remember a time long ago when a stranger casually came up to me and asked whether I was a lawyer. When I asked her how she could guess, she said that I dressed like a lawyer and usually lawyers wear black and white or dull colours! I wasn't wearing black and white but it just so happened that I wore gray that day. 

Litigation lawyers (the ones who usually go to court), usually wear black and white, because of the dress code required to appear in court. When I did litigation during my pupillage I had to wear black and white every single day. It was definitely a challenge not to be a bore in the fashion sense but due to the very busy nature of the work sooner or later you just couldn't really care less at that time. But in a way, there's also some advantages because you don't spend too much time thinking what to wear and just grab anything in white and black.

But not all lawyers go to court. That is only one aspect of the profession out of the many, many other fields lawyers are involved in. And contrary to popular belief, lawyers actually wear other colours to work too. Even litigation lawyers when they don't go to court. So lawyers might already be among you....

Some of you have asked me what I wear on normal working days, so today I'll share with you what I wear to work recently. As you know, fashion sense evolves and changes so what I used to wear to work a few years ago is a little different from what I prefer wearing now. I don't usually do OOTD shots on a working day but I stole a couple of minutes to shoot this photo just to share with you what I wore on 25th September 2013. Oh, and I don't usually wear much make up too when I go to office. Normally I'm barefaced just like this unless I have to meet up with clients and go to meetings. 

Looking presentable is very important when you go to meetings or meeting up with clients because like it or not, people judge you by your appearance and how you carry yourself. A messy, disheveled looking lawyer will not strike the clients with much confidence, regardless of your capabilities.

Anyway, I wore Suri Sara Kylie Skirt in black from Fashion Valet. As you can see the skirt is sheer but is fully lined. Love the effect when it is windy and the see-thru effect! The green top I got from my Jakarta trip. The black scarf is from Sookascarf at ILoveTudung.

So, yes, lawyers can wear green to work. :) By the way, here are some photos of myself together with some of my colleagues celebrating one of our lawyer's birthday lunch, Atiza Nur. Happy Birthday Atiza. May God bless you always. Much love!  

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