YUNA at Istana Budaya

6:54:00 PM

I looked forward to watching Yuna Zarai perform again and this time around on 8th September 2013 at Istana Budaya presented by Yuna Room Records. The last time I watched her concert at Dewan Philharmonic Petronas, it was an amazing experience so I was confident that it was going to be the same or even better this time around.

When I arrived, I was so frustrated when I discovered that I left my camera's SD card. So all pictures taken that night was with my husband's mobile phone camera. So, I'm sorry for the quality of pictures.

It was a rainy night, very cool. After my husband dropped me off at the lobby and was looking for a place to park, I bumped into the lovely couple Pacak (Faizal Nordin) and Mira. Pacak was one of my wedding photographers and a very, very dear friend. We go a long way back. I also bumped into the friendly Dayah Bakar (who very sweetly offered me her sandwich!) and her friend Asma Zorah from Brazil, visiting Malaysia for a little while.

True enough, the concert was amazing. International standards. It was everything I expected from Yuna and more. You can really tell that her journey to New York has made her into a better artist. Very refined, very polished, very assured.  I enjoyed all her songs, each with a different twist with the different arrangements backed by the National Symphony Orchestra. Her voice is so soulful. She is blessed with a beautiful voice, extremely talented. She surprised us with her rendition of No Diggity by Blackstreet. The crowd rolled with her as she belted what was a favourite tune from the 90s. She had an even bigger surprise for us when she brought on Mike Einziger, the guitarist of Incubus, all the way from the States to perform a few songs with her. I had goosebumps all over.

Loved both her attire that night, by Syomir Izwa and Hatta Dolmat. The designers tried hard to take the audience's attention away from her voice to focus on her two stunning outfits that night. My jaw dropped when I saw her second outfit. The lighting accentuated her very scintillating dress. Sadly, I didn't have a proper camera to take pictures of her dresses that night (plus photo-taking is not allowed in the hall, although there were lots of people were snapping away). I doubt that pictures would have done her dresses proper justice too.

All in all, i had an awesome date night with the husband. It's been awhile since we spend some time listening to music at a concert. Quality time well spent with love. :)

I wore a sequined bolero jacket from Fashion Valet and experimented with layering by also wearing a peacock patterned sleeveless outerwear from Zaza Apparels by @RajaNoora. Just check out their stuffs by searching the hashtag #zazareadytowear on IG. 

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  1. You're really an inspiration Kak Breen :) It was so lovely I can finally met you, which on that night. You left your SD card and you asked me to tag you on iG hehehe

  2. Hi nadia, I found you on IG and it led me to this blog :). I love your style and blogposts. They're very inspiring :D