Look Post : Twirling in Love to Dress

4:33:00 AM

 photo 1-4.jpg

What's not to love about this dress? Comfy, modest and princess-like. It makes you feel like wanting to twirl around in it.

And I definitely had fun twirling around for awhile in this dress last Sunday.  Whee~~~ :)

This dress is perfect for a casual day out on a weekend :) You can get yours at Fashion Valet.com.

Thank you Sumayyah for the Royal Iman dress from Love to Dress. (facebook)

And thank you AKA for all the shots. The shots were taken before the husband had to leave to London for work that 14th July 2013. 

Less words, more photos this time around!  :) Peace out!
 photo 6IMG_3339a.jpg

 photo 3IMG_3317a.jpg

 photo 4IMG_3355a.jpg

 photo 5IMG_3347a.jpg

 photo 2IMG_3342a.jpg

 photo 7IMG_3359a.jpg

 photo 8IMG_3326a.jpg

 photo 9IMG_3310a.jpg

 photo 10IMG_3428a.jpg

Singing "....leaving on a jet plane..."

 photo 11IMG_3382a.jpg 


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  1. Masya Allah, soooo beautiful! This dress is Midnight Blue colour code or Slate Grey?

  2. The dress is gorgeous and you look beautiful as always :)

  3. Masya Allah, beautiful and sweet..love you dress..;)

  4. Salam,

    I love your style and makeup :) may I know what are you wearing for the lips? I like the color.