Look Post : Galaxy Maxi : Rediscovering 2

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"Look at earth from outerspace, everyone must find a place."

 photo 5IMG_1272.jpg

I love galaxy prints. I love everything to do with galaxies. I love the galaxy. And as I type this, I'm suddenly reminded that I'm also a Galaxy Note user :p (unrelated, random but trying to extend the galaxy love here!)

Pondering about the galaxy reminds me of how small we actually are. So little compared to the whole galaxy. Smaller than the smallest of dusts.

This picture was taken on 2nd March 2013. It was my fourth outing to a crowded place after my confinement. I don't know how to explain the feeling. I felt so small. The world felt too big. I was so slow in a world so fast. On the ground I stood, I was just so small.

Thinking about the galaxy, the large, large galaxy. And my mind will wander to the Creator. The One who created the galaxy and everything in it, the Almighty, the Greatest. His power, Subhanallah.

This post is actually a delayed continuation to Rediscovering the World. Every day is a chance for me to rediscover the world. All praises to the Creator. Let's rediscover this world, His galaxy. His creations. Peace! :) 

 photo 8d1.jpg

What I Wore: 
Galaxy Inspired Top by Yadotsa
Shawl by ilovetudung

 photo 2IMG_1279.jpg

 photo 1IMG_1251.jpg

 photo 1IMG_1242-1.jpg

  photo IMG_1187.jpg

 photo 6IMG_1277.jpg

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  1. i like your picture and outfits..:)

  2. I like the combination of tudung and long skirt. the shirt is nice too. then saw the slipper O.o...... terkejut pula

  3. Salam, I love your outfit especially the skirt. may I know where did you get it? =) thanks.