Used to be My Playground

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Don't we miss being carefree?

In this Next Instalment of Reflections of Raya : (Part 1, 2, 3)
I've come up with a theory: You can never really get a grasp on how fast time flies, until you step into your old playground and face your memories. This used to be the playground I hung out with some my closest school friends whom I spent each and every day recessing with, the SB . The first time we went there was when we were 14 years old. It's been more than ten years since, and stepping into the playground, with the swings suddenly a lot lower than it used to be, the slides no longer high and daunting (in fact, it can no longer fit you!), you suddenly realize just how big you've grown and how time has flown.

There was a sense of bittersweet nostalgia when my friends and I approached the playground after the aqiqah of Izaida's beautiful baby Putri last raya in September 2010. Two in our circle of friends now have babies and another is pregnant. Sometimes I just can't get my head round to that fact! I know, I know but that's how I feel. There was a quiet agreement between all of us, as the memories came flooding back. It was our old stomping ground. The place where we played together, fooled around together, laughed together. And yes, took lots and lots of photos together (camwhores are made, not born). We even pretended to be Spice Girls at the playground. Haha.

There were a few kids playing around so happily there. Undeterred, we were determined to give that old swing another go. Except there were kids playing on the swing. So we waited on the see-saw opposite the swings. And waited. And waited. And eyeballed the kids until they kind of got the hint (hehe).

As much as so many things in our lives change, there will always be some things which stay the same. The carefree and problem-free days when we were young, innocent and naive may have gone, but the little amusements, small happiness and distractions are still there.

And then for a brief moment in time, there we were, grabbing back a little part of our past, a little part of the happiness of our innocence and carefree youth for a short time. It's good, once in a while to step back into that part of our lives. As much as it reminds us of happier, carefree days, it would also help us to focus on our responsibilities in our daily lives, and just how far we've come since those days =)

Just a reflection on this beautiful morning.
(P/s : I just had my mum's gulai tempoyak ikan patin, sambal tempoyak and telur masin for sahur. It was THE BOMB!)

What I wore :
Butterfly Brooch : From Penang Butterfly Farm
Psychadelic chiffon baju kurung : Ready made from Ampang Park
Geometrical Purple Shades Vintage Handbag : Saxone Vermont
Jellybean Joy Shawl : Debutante Avenue

See-saw.. The playground we used to go to and take pictures at when we were 14 years old..

We kinda miss swinging like the 'ol days, don't we?

We are too tall to enjoy the slide now.. hehe
Oversized us.

Back then XOXO didn't mean hugs and kisses

And we have lift off

Tutti Frutti to end the hot day

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  1. rnadia : comell mcm kanak2 riang :)headband yg u pakai by pu3 tu ada jual lg tak?cantek sgt

  2. cantikkk~
    picture pon semuanya cantik2~

  3. all the pictures are beautiful..
    i love your style!!

  4. eh taman bunga raya! waa near to my uncle house :)

  5. Hi! I was blog-walking and found your inspired blog. Nice to read the postings.

    Would you mind if I put your blog link in my blog?



  6. You're so cute. I love Malaysian hijab-style, really inspiring.
    Did you make some tutorial of your hijab?
    Following you on lookbook and blog. =]

  7. comel la akak ni!!.=)