Wedding portrait on the internet while eating macaronis & watching laser discs

12:25:00 PM

The weather is nice today. I woke up early, had a nice breakfast and just chilled out this morning. I just finished reading a few blogs. I really respect bloggers who are able to post regularly despite their busy lives. Any tips on how to do it?

I haven't managed to blog as much as I would have liked. It is quite hard to find the time to blog about things even though in my mind there are so many things I feel like blogging about. Especially during the weekdays I usually come home really late from work and I'll forget about the things I want to blog about already. This past few days, I've been coming back home after midnight from the office. Even now, I'm getting ready to go to the office in a short while and I will have to come in office tomorrow as well to finish up some urgent work. By the way, I am enjoying the work that I'm doing now :)

On a brighter note, I'll be off for a break for the whole of next week, so I hope to finish off some things before I leave. Otherwise, I'll be distracted with my thoughts on work. So, I'll hope to write more when I'm back.

Before I go, I was surfing on the net and opened my childhood and primary school bestfriend Ena's website, Enaphotography just to see what project's she's been involved with recently. She is an excellent photographer and her style is something I have always admired. She is involved in a diverse range of projects and that's something which is really interesting to me.

She is a very good friend I still keep in close contact with and I remember all the baked macaroni and cheese we used to share in her house baked by her grandmom when we were younger. She was the one who introduced me to the internet when I was 11 or 12. In return, I introduced her to Mariah Carey and other artistes' concerts, watching it with her for hours on those old laser discs. Hehe those were the young carefree days.

Do check out her website, she doesn't just do weddings but a whole load of other projects too. She took some lovely pictures of me for my wedding reception. I'll share some of the pictures she took of me while I was getting ready. Thanx Ena, I love all the pix! <3

My wedding songket kebaya dress (first picture) and the cake-cutting wedding dress I wore were made with lots of love by my Aunty and cousins of Pu3. Make up by Ezral Nordin

I think that's all for now. Gotta rush and hope to find the time to blog soon!

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog while blog walking, nice blog and nice photos too... congrats ;)

  2. cantiknya sabrina masa wedding... :')

  3. selame ni i just being ur silent readers. do upload more of ur pics pretty please :)

  4. More pics please!

  5. What a lovely wedding dress. So lucky.. By d way, my nephew said you're so pretty..

  6. I still remember yang i admire sangat your engagement dress & now your wedding dress plak! :p

  7. Nadia. Ala so sweet of you to mention me. Thank you babe!

    And yes even I miss the macaroni and cheese. Wan dah jarang buat :( And mariah..oh mariah. I still remember that concert. Times Square Garden concert on the LP disc. She was gorgeous and talented. Wish I can say the same for now. huhu.