La Mode Outre : Between the Dotted Lines

7:15:00 AM

Credits to James Bent for the photo above.

Just to share that I have just been featured in La Mode Outre. The website is basically a collection of street style photography based in Singapore and Southeast Asia and with focus on Asian street style. It's already been dubbed as the Sartorialist of Asia even though it recently started in 2010. The founder of La Mode Outre, James Bent took a street style photo shot of yours truly when he came up to KL last Saturday. The photographer and writer from Britain came with Stacey Young, a designer from New Zealand. James is a well-travelled photographer, having been in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Bangkok and Singapore. James explained that fashion and style on the streets here in Asia isn't really something that people pay attention to or appreciate and he hopes to change that.

After the street shot, we had coffee (actually Stacey and myself had tropical juice with pineapple in it) at the Loaf. We chit-chatted about all sorts of things and chatting with James and Stacey, who have experience and lived in a few countries, we shared opinions on how every country has its own different mindset, prejudices and stumbling blocks to overcome; the varying approaches of crime and punishment in society; and ultimately the choices in life that we all have to take; amongst other scattered topics. We didn't realize that we spent almost 2 hours chit-chatting. It was a wonderful afternoon spent. This is why I love meeting new people especially ones who can share their different experiences and perspectives on life. James and Stacey were a very pleasant and friendly couple and I really enjoyed our long conversation.

I wish James all the best for his projects and I'm sure he will soon achieve success in the future, if he hasn't already.

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  1. ur so pretty!!! even dah kawen badan maintain lg kannn.. :(
    tetiba rs jeleshhh! ;p

  2. I love your style. And u're so pretty & gorgeous. Muka u flawless je :)

  3. haih. u know what sabrina, i've been stalking this blog for quite a while and never stop feeling amazed by your style :')

  4. misslysaemilia : Thank you, Alhamdulillah. Don't be jealous :) camera angle je kot haha.

    reena : You are too kind with your words. Thank you. Amin.

    jazika albek : Hi Jazika. How did you get to know about this blog? Thanks for stalking by the way! :)

  5. love your style
    admire a hijab girl that can be so fashionable
    kuala lumpur