Sure Pizza? Sure!

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A while back my friend/colleague, Anwar, introduced me to this place called 'Sure Pizza' for lunch. It was a quiet, unassuming joint with a suspect name. The place had minimal decor and had pictures of (presumably) the owner and his family and some visitors to this restaurant. What was nice about the place was that the kitchen was in full view of the patrons and we could see (if you wanted to) what the chefs were up to. Well, you know what they say: Don't judge a restaurant by its name!

Just a big fat curry puff? Not quite

Fresh, juicy seafood. Me like!

We first ordered the Calzone and Penne Alla Marinara for sharing (3 people). I've never had Calzone before, it is basically a folded pizza but really looks like a huge curry puff. But the Calzone here is HUGE I tell you. It was filled to the brim with cheese, pepperoni, turkey ham and mushrooms. The marinara had generous servings of fresh, juicy seafood which was superbly complimented by the absolutely perfect tomato sauce. Both dishes were superbly done. They were really nice and since everyone was devouring it at speed, we quickly decided it was not enough!

We could smell this baby coming to our table all the way from the kitchen. Yummaaayh

So we decided to order the lasagna. The lasagna was, as we had anticipated based on the two dishes served before, perfectly cooked and had a certain Italian authenticity to it. The cheese was just right and perfectly baked. The fillings were very flavourful and really juicy. The lasagna was not too soggy nor was it too hard. No wonder my colleague loves to eat here.

My hubby managed to join us just as we were about to finish, and that was the perfect excuse to order... ANOTHER CALZONE!!! We were on a roll, the food here was so good and we lapped it every single bite.

Just tell me this juicy little thing isn't mouth-watering to you?

Now you may wonder where this lovely Italian eatery is located, and the truth is: I can't tell you! Hehe. No, I'm not keeping the location secret or to myself, but when we ate there a month or so ago, it was their last day at Plaza Hartamas / Damas before they were relocating. They promised to update us on their new location and we're still waiting. Can't wait to bite on another of their Calzone and try the other stuffs on the menu. It should be good.

Waiting til the next time I can sink my teeth into you, buddy

I did not manage to ask the owner about the name, because they were quite busy during lunch hour, but my hubby suggested that they should probably add in another word to their Restaurant name: Sure Best Pizza!

Til my next sure post!

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  1. yummmmmeeehhhh!!!!! sedapp!

    btw follow u dear.

  2. Omgg sounds so delicious!! I really hope they have a website or something. Is it better than Domino's/Pizza Hut? :)

  3. Amiera : totally sedap!! Thanx for following :)

    la Petite Cherie : I hope so too! haven't stumbled upon their website yet :( Definitely better babe! :) But I love domino's double decker pepperoni pizza nevertheless still hehe

  4. Please DO update me on the new location of this "sure pizza" as well, my aunt highly recommended it and I would really want to try it out! please email me at if you get the new info, thanks in advance!!

  5. Hi, Ive been looking for the new location of Sure pizza too. Just wonder do you know where are they located now?
    I went there on the last few days @ solaris but they still didnt know where they are about moving to. Too bad.
    Please keep me posted at