VLOG #1 - Seven Things About Me

10:18:00 PM

Blessed Friday everyone! This is the first Friday of 2019, so I hope the start of the new year has been great for everyone. It's my first blogpost of the year!

Some of you may know that I have been taking time off due to my health condition. This morning, I received some more not so good news about my health, which is worse than initially diagnosed. But surprisingly I have learned to accept my state and I am not going to let it bring me down. So today, I'm happy to share my first "official" vlog on Youtube!

I've been meaning to do a vlog/ film myself and just talk on my Youtube channel for the longest time. Even though my channel was set up around 7 years ago, believe it or not I'm quite shy when it comes to talking to myself, or talking to the camera. It's not a natural thing for me. But I got a bit more comfortable last year and also after I went to my humanitarian mission in India where part of my work was to share the experience and speak spontaneously in front of a camera while we were at the field. So this video is considered my first "official" vlog, although I have posted many other videos before on my channel. I am also happy to be able to post this vlog, even though I know its not perfect at all or anything, and it has been very challenging for me going through so many 'coincidental' incidences just to put this up. Faulty cameras, iMac always rebooting, the pain every few minutes while I'm editing it the past week which means I have to lie down and rest in between a few minutes of editing and much much more.

Anyways, in my first vlog I share seven things about me that people may or may not know about me. Some of you may know already the things I'm sharing in this video from my blog, but some of the stuff I'm sharing in the video are also shared for the first time ever! This video was taken on the last weekend of 2018 during a short mini getaway with my family, last week. I will probably VLOG about that too, if I can. InsyaAllah. No promises. But for now, do watch and let me know what you think and feel too!

Click 7 THINGS ABOUT ME to watch.

So let me know what you think of the vlog okay? Do leave your thoughts down below.


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