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I am so very happy to see the CHANGE collection come to life at this moment. We started previewing it at the KL Fashion Week in August 2017, and then extended the collection preview at Singapore Fashion Week in October 2017. Now, the aere CHANGE collection has been launched. It is ongoing right now. We also exhibited the CHANGE collection at the booth at Dubai Modest Fashion Week in December 2017. One of the things I love is the Note Card prepared for this collection together with the book mark that I designed. It has some of my favourite elements and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

These are the words for the official press release for the CHANGE collection :

Nothing is permanent. Change is inevitable in every aspect of life. We go through it constantly. It is a bittersweet reminder of the growth and it inspires us to do better, to explore outside of our comfort zones and to strive for the best. Progress is impossible without any change. And to see how far you’ve come, you have to look back at where you first started to see just how far you’ve changed.

How do you look back at the journey of change that you have gone through in your life? I turned to my childhood mementos in the form of photography and images. My early years in London captured by my father triggered an inspiration for the collection. Balancing nostalgia with modernity, taking an old photograph and the memories tied to it to create something fresh and modern is the sentiment prevalent in the collection. Through images we find snapshots of an evolution of the changes we go through, yet we will find that although many things change, some things will still remain the same, capturing a feeling of timelessness too.
I believe that everyone goes through the same introspection at some point in our lives. Change is something we all go through. Progress or self-improvement would not be possible without change. I believe that a lot of people can somewhat relate to aere’s journey of change with their very own personal journey. Each of us want to embrace change while trying to stay true to yourself, your roots and your inner character. This is what we want to portray in the collection.
Having been known for its graceful, feminine pieces in previous collections, aere is back with a big CHANGE in its creative direction. The highly anticipated and aptly named CHANGE collection will be showcased at the prestigious Singapore Fashion Week happening on 28th October 2017. The presentation will be an extension of the collection that was previously previewed at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2017, to rave reviews. 28th October is also a significant date for aere as we celebrate our third-year anniversary since the launch of our first collection. Along with our debut participation, we are also joining the 7-day Trunk Show happening at Tampines Mall, in conjunction with Singapore Fashion Week 2017.

This exclusive and limited-edition collection features an array of new elements for aere: customized prints, with hints of patterns and textures in the form of checkered, stripes and polka dots makes appearances. Ombre hues and a fresh and daring take on classic denim and corduroy fabric is also a first for the brand. Combining the new elements with aere’s signature looks such as ruffles, asymmetrical and exaggerated cuts together with the use of luxurious and quality fabrics, the CHANGE collection is definitely one to look out for. The Singapore Fashion Week 2017 marks aere’s first debut at the internationally recognized fashion show.

Guys, I made the CHANGE note card and book marks just for you, because I love book marks. Hahaha. Is there anyone else out there who loves book marks like I do? C'mon own up! Anyway, I hope it'll inspire us to seek more knowledge and read more books this year. You can get one with any purchase of aere (whilst stocks last). So have fun shopping by clicking here.


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