Images CHANGE : Inspiration from Childhood

11:27:00 PM

I expressed a lot about change. The personal changes I went through in my life, what I am currently going through and how I've changed numerous times. I blogged about it in my post Embracing CHANGE.

The photo above was captured by my father over 30 years ago in London, my birth place and the place my parents stayed in for about 12 years. The phrase in that photo hit me. IMAGES CHANGE. How would you interpret this phrase? It can mean different things to different people.. Abstract just like art itself. 

Here in this post I will be sharing some personal childhood photos captured mostly by my father Raja Ahmad Aminullah and some by my mother, Nor Hafizah which was the inspiration of the Change Collection.

I think I have mentioned before but way before the word OOTD came along, my father has been taking my outfit photos for the longest time. Okay, maybe it was unintentional and he just took my photos just to capture them as memories but to me when I look at them, they are sort of like OOTDs of a much younger version of me. There are actually thousands more of photos but it just so happened that I have these pictures saved in an email dated November 2016, last year. These photos were screened, selected and scanned as inspiration for aere's collection. 

The aere team together with me used these photos as a spark of inspiration when we started to design and choose fabrics for the CHANGE collection.

Now, the collection has come to life and the name is CHANGE. This collection is one of the biggest yet as it was showcased at different places. At KLFW we showed 24 looks (which was our first time ever showcasing that many looks), and at the Singapore Fashion Week, we showcased another 10 looks from the collection which were never shown before. We also brought 30 selected pieces to exhibit in Dubai.

It is the biggest ready-to-wear (non-raya) collection that aere has ever done and the main trigger or the original inspiration of this collection were actually my childhood photos. Gee I was so fashionable then, kan? Stripes,  checks, corduroys, bomber jackets, plaids and more. My parents really knew how to dress me up when I was a kid!

So here are 15 of my childhood photos for your viewing and also for my own digital safe-keeping on this blog. All photos were taken in United Kingdom except for the last 4 which were taken in Malaysia. 

Looking back at these photos then, a reminder of the past and how we used to be before we grew up and before we changed, we should ask ourselves the question again: do images really change? Or are they the only thing that stays the same, while the subject in these photos change? 

Do we interpret the images we see differently? Or do they portray exactly what we see? Questions and more questions, and I guess, our individual answers may be very different from one another.  


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