Embracing CHANGE

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Change is constant. We realise it sometimes, but most of the time, we don't even realise that it's happening, that things are changing. That we, are changing too.

Change can either be good or bad. 

Life-changing moments. Have you had that moment that changed your life entirely? I had a number of them and I think I am experiencing it at this very moment too.

Change. From being born into this world, crying for the first time, smiling, sitting up for the first time, crawling, our first tooth coming out and then, taking our first steps, and then going to preschool, primary school, being more extroverted, going to high school, becoming a cheerleader,  being rebellious, studying or reading law at university, staying on campus, reading law, starting to cover up, graduation, chambering, started to blog, buying my own car, practising as a lawyer, getting married, hospitalised a number of times for different reasons, being a partner at a lawfirm, purchasing my own house, umrah, travelling, experiencing heartbreaks, pain and losses, being more introverted, changing career paths, switching jobs, going for a spiritual retreat,  starting aere, being a mom to a child in heaven, two children in heaven and then a mom to a living child, and now two! Those are just some of the changes that I went through. In a nutshell.

Wow! Life really changes all the time!

The first part of what I mentioned above, the kind of things I actually don't remember myself doing, I only get to appreciate even more after I became a mom to my living children. Seeing and experiencing their progress, the changes that they go through. As I'm writing this I'm just reflecting on how I actually went through all that too (even though I don't remember my baby moments). Learning every single day, to do more and be better than yesterday. For instance  at this moment Evren is smiling, cooing, making sounds and has learn to lift up his head when he is facing down. And Elhan has started to slowly walk and it is just so amazing to see his progress from crawling, sitting down and then now taking his first few steps. So when he walked for the first time taking that 1 step was already an achievement and that was quite a while ago. I was super excited and felt like jumping up and down! The latest one he took about 13 steps and yes, I count every single time I get to see him walk just to know what's the most number of steps that he has taken nowadays. But yes, like my father reminded me about 5 years ago, take it one step at a time. 

And I think this applies to every single thing in life. Every single change. Certain things just can't be rushed and certain things just, happen. By the will of a Greater power of course.

Every single change symbolises a milestone. An achievement. Whether it is something positive or something which seems negative, it is still an achievement. Being alive and still standing after all that we went through, good and bad is an achievement. Living life is an achievement in itself.

Personally, I'm thankful for my marriage. I'm also grateful for my family. I feel like switching my career other than being one of the best decisions I've made career wise, it has also helped me in having a healthier marriage and a better relationship with family in terms of having more quality time spent compared to the time when I was practising as a lawyer. And then in the motherhood department, from someone who only started to pray for children when I went for my first umrah trip, and then, being a mom to a child in heaven almost 5 years ago, and then I became a mother to 2 children in heaven two years ago, and then just last year, I became a mother to 1 living child and now at the end of 2017, I'm a mother to two living children. A mom to 4 in the span of 5 years? It really seems surreal. I'm beyond grateful for the blessings and the gifts. All praises to the Almighty for granting me this blessings though I sometimes feel unworthy or undeserving.

Work wise, earlier this year I did not imagine or expect that aere will be going to Singapore and Dubai to showcase the different collections that I've worked on with the team. And those 2 are actually milestones for aere. aere is growing so very well and I feel that it really is moving in the right direction. Looking at aere 3 and half years ago, when I was figuring out what to name the brand together with my mum and my husband, and when I decided on how the logo would look like, and when I was registering aere's Instagram account and had only my closest family  and friends as followers that day I created that account and looking at what aere is now, so many things have changed. I'm proud of aere, the team and where aere has been to within the span of 3 years and a half. 

Of course when we want something so bad and we actually get it it doesn't mean that its all joy and happiness without any stresses and challenges. I would be lying if I say that everything is just a bed of roses. But still, everything is amazing, taking in the good and the bad. The bliss and the sadness. The joys and the stresses. 

Things change constantly. Circumstances. Feelings. Emotions. Everything is temporary.

Whatever it is, 2017 has been a year of really good change for me. I feel like everything is really moving towards the right direction being it family wise or work and business wise. Thank YOU to the One who has brought me into this direction when I was lost and didn't even know or understand where I was going. Thank you for showing me the way to go and may 2018 be even better. Of course there are a lot of things already planned out for 2018, but really we wouldn't know what will happen until the time comes, so may the Ultimate Planner, determine whats best for all of us.

So here is me reminding myself first and foremost to just, embrace change. It might be scary and nerve wrecking at times but without change, there will be no growth. So, all we need to do is really just, embrace CHANGE.

The photos in this post were captured at the Dubai Desert earlier this month. Being there at the desert reminds me of how small I am in this huge world. Looking at the ocean of golden sands and the whole view was just a crazy beautiful experience. The journey to get there is another story that I will have to keep for another post but what I can say now is that it was almost like a roller coaster ride really. 

Do you see what's stated at the aere top I am wearing?

"Images change". I found this phrase in a photo of me that my father took in 1986 in London, where I was born. That photo was captured over 30 years ago. And that photo along with a number of other photos captured ages ago is the inspiration of the CHANGE collection. Going to share some of those photos in my next post. The idea actually started after KLFW in 2016 in September last year and after changes in the team, changes in the concept of the collection as well as changing the name of the collection itself to CHANGE, sharing this photos with my team members the CHANGE collection is born this year with its first preview at KLFW and then a second presentation of different looks as Singapore Fashion Week and then we brought the CHANGE collection for exhibition at the Dubai Modest Fashion Weel while showcasing a totally new collection on the runway. The releases are still ongoing since 6th November 2017 for this collection and a
nother CHANGE release is happening online tomorrow so check our aere's IG for updates!

LIFE and CHANGE are the two major campaigns and collection that I've expressed through aere this year, 2017. It symbolises that life is ever-changing. And before the LIFE collection I also had the LOVE collection campaign. So, this year has been a lot about, LOVE, LIFE and CHANGE.

I've also shared a preview of the PEACE collection which was showcased in Dubai and I'm gonna start 2018 with that in mind. Something that all of us are seeking. PEACE. And probably I will blog more about it next year which is just 3 days from today!

Outfit Details :
from CHANGE collection as previewed at 
KL Fashion Week and Singapore Fashion Week

Photo by Hazimah Hanafi


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