Going public, finally.

8:31:00 PM

I used to be very hesitant in making my blog public. In fact, to date, nobody actually knows I have a blog, which I started in 2009. (Even my husband didn't know until recently).

The reason why I haven't told anyone about my blog is because initially most of the things I write about (or photos I upload) are just my internal thoughts, which I thought would not be of interest to anyone else. I treated it like an online diary but only writing down things that captured bits of my maaaany 'bloggable' interests.

I mean of course I knew that one day I'd expect to share this blog with people too, but the thing is most of my posts are in the drafts and have never been published!


I have too many things to blog about! I'm passionate about so many things that I didn't know what my blog should focus on. Food? Fashion? Arts? Life? Friends? Movies? Music? In the end I found that blogs does not have to be so focused, although it sure helps! And ever since I started this blog it has always been a habit of mine that I tend to create new posts all the time and end up not finishing/completing the earlier ones. I've also just been busy with so many things that I just didn't have the time to actually focus on blogging consistently.

However, lately, I had the urge to make my blog public. :)

Mostly because my dearest cousin, Mia Suraya has been encouraging or more like pushing me to do so. She has been hinting at it for awhile now, but I think the first time she seriously said it out was on the 1st of January 2011. Mia is a blogger who writes and blogs religiously on her interests. I love to read her blog and I am not being biased here. She also encouraged me to go on lookbook, which I have just joined today.

The tipping point has to be yesterday when she tweeted that she has featured me on her blog. f course I felt extremely honoured. (Click the picture below to see her post). She also encouraged me when she came over to see Alia to try Yadotsa's stuffs last week. (Read about it : Here)

So I guess this blog is now officially public!

I hope my readers will go easy on me and help me with constructive comments. I must say that I am pretty nervous.

Juggling things are not easy at the moment, however I will definitely make an effort to steal a little more time to write new posts. I will also try to finally make some time to sit down and publish all my unpublished drafts retrospectively, bearing in mind that I started blogging since 2009 so there are a lot of unpublished drafts. Lots! I'm still trying to figure out the best way to go about it but I hope you will have fun reading the thoughts and ramblings I share with you guys :)

I'll try to keep the spirit up high! :) For those who have been doing this for years, do give me some pointers? Thanks.

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  1. Yay! Glad my "hints" and "pushes" encouraged you to put this blog public. Let the world see you!


    Welcome aboard, cousin!