Hijab Tutorial 3 : Madison RNadiaStyle

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The first time I did a tutorial in this blog was Hijab Tutorial : Pari Pari Style just two months after I came back from my life-changing Umrah trip in 2012, True Love : Unworthy Me. That was two years ago! How time flies...

Then, due to popular request... I did an update with Hijab Tutorial 2 : Updated Pari Pari Style. I did that just after another life-changing experience in the hospital just right after I became a mother to my child in heaven. :)

And now, I am sharing with you another tutorial because I have been receiving so many requests on my IG @rnadiasabrina! So many have been asking me to post a tutorial for this style.

Well, I kind of just experienced a life-changing experience recently too. A career change. And a new-found love which brings me so much happiness and contentment. Now that, I will talk about in another blogpost :)

(Hopefully, I won't wait for another life-changing experience for me to post another tutorial! :p)

To be honest, I have always wanted to do another tutorial but felt that the first two tutorials which was for the pari pari style was sufficient. It was my (almost) 'daily' hijab style. But recently I have started wearing this particular shawl called Madison from Sugarscarf. 

So one comment really pushed me to do this tutorial. It was a comment from clarissa_amanda89. She said that she feels like donning the scarf so I feel that it is my responsibility to share! So, I took some quick photos in my room yesterday and here I am sharing this tutorial with you in my blog. And I had fun doing this to share it with all of you who have requested for it.

Hope it is useful and beneficial!

As you can see here, this particular shawl that I am wearing is attached to the inner. This makes this shawl even easier to be worn. I need less than two minutes to wear this shawl. I kid you not! I also love the shape of the inner which gives a slimming effect to my round chubby face. :) So many plus points!

Below is the step-by-step pictorial guide of how I wear my Madison scarf!

Step 1

Put on your inner over your head. It is important that your inner is steady so that your scarf will be secure. 

Step 2

Here, I pinned the back of the inner to tighten it up. So the headband looks neater as compared to the previous picture. 

Step 3

Bring the longer end of the scarf to the back and bring both ends over to the other side.

Step 4

Leave the shorter side flow freely. 

Step 5 

Then bring and wrap around the longer end of the shawl completely over your head from the front and place it over your head just like a hood.

Depending on the look I want to achieve, sometimes I hold one part and adjust the shape accordingly or I rearrange the length of the shawl.

Step 6

First place a pin behind your ear on the longer part of the shawl to fasten it in place.

Step 7

Then place another pin behind the other ear.

Step 8

Pin the top part behind the ears to hold the shawl in place.

Step 9

Just adjust the scarf accordingly. Go ahead! Experiment!

If you are wondering where I got the scarf, I first got my Madison by Sugarscarf from Fashion Valet, then I got a few others in different colours from Sugarscarf's website. It's sold out most of the time!

Anyways, I found the prayer I wrote in my previous tutorial blogpost and I feel like repeating it again. So I end this post with the prayer below :

May God purify our hearts and cleanse our soul to realize the Ultimate goal in life. May we all be among the people of understanding.

May God beautify our characters just as He beautifies our souls and our physical beings. May we be determined to do every single thing for His sake and His pleasure. May He purify our intentions to do every single thing for the purpose of seeking His Love. May we all be guided to be better slaves to Him. May God grant us the strength to remain consistent.Amin.


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  1. Replies
    1. Tudung ni yang buat nampak canrik ni. Hehe. Alhamdulillah. Thanks dear.

    2. Assalamualaikum.wr.wb. perkenalkan nama saya Ibu Anita Tki Malaysia, saat menulis ini saya teringat memory masa lalu.saya sangat tergugah hati melihat coretan hati yang Ibu tulis. saya jadi teringat tentang masa-masa sulit dulu,karena iktiar dan usaha , seolah2 menjadi dendam bukan lagi motivasi, cuma satu tujuan saya pada saat bagaiman caranya untuk bangkit..singkat kata berbagai macam iktiar dan cara yang saya lalui, mengingat pada saat itu hutang saya 1,2m yang tidak sedikit, belum lagi bunga renternir yang bertambah. karena usaha, kesungguhan hati, akhirnya menemukan jalan /solusi . saya percaya ALLAH ITU TIDAK DIAM MAHA PENYAYANG , cobaan itu bukan lah ujian tapi hadiah yang tersilmut untuk kebahagiaan yang sebenar2nya. Sudah banyak para normal yg kami mintai angka togel dan uang gaib cuma Ki Witjaksno yg berhasil alhamdulillah itu betul-betul terbukti tembus. jika anda ingin seperti saya silahkan hubungi Ki Witjaksno:+62852_2223_1459. ingat kesempatan tidak akan datang untuk yang kedua kalinya

  2. thank you kakkkk for this tutorial! I have one instant hijab just like this but I didn't know how to wear it! Lifesaver <3

  3. I like it! :D Does sugar scarf ship internationally? Thanks for posting :)

    1. Good to know :) you can check www.sugarscarf.com . You can also search sugarscarf at www.fashionvalet.com. They ship internationally too.

  4. Replies
    1. Alhamdulillah. Semua datang dari Allah Maha Pencipta. :)

  5. Salam kenal, saya blogwalking kat sini, jemput singgah ke blog saya http://ibu2ahmad.blogspot.com. Saya follow sini n kalau sudi follow la saya balik yer...

  6. Assalamualaikum akak ,i love to read your entries . just nak gtau , boleh tak akak tukarkan perkataan God to Allah ? well , saya penah ditegur oleh pensyarah saya bila sy prsentation sy letakkan perkataan God and he ask me to change it to Allah bcoz kita hanya ada satu Tuhan iaitu Allah . itu je , saya sekadar menyampaikan . nice entry akak ! =)

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  8. Waaaa..cantek la kak.. simple n mudah n follow tutorial akak nih.. :D TQ for sharing kak nadia :D

  9. Salam perkenalan

    Cantikkk..tudung dan orangnya

  10. Dah la tuan bagi tutorila tu cantik..pakai shawl macam ni pun cantik...nak tiru...tapi pipi kita tembam sgt...anyway..thanks.akak give us the gojes tutorial..