Love Bound

7:44:00 PM

L O V E 

A big word.
4 letters, 1 syllable. 
It has different definitions for different people.
Different meanings in different situations.
It means different things at different times.
Sometimes we show it, sometimes we don't.
And we show it in different ways too.
It can make perfect sense when it shouldn't make any sense.
It can exist out of nothing yet it can be our everything.

So simple yet so complex. 
So subjective yet so beautiful. 
So generic, yet can also be so specific.
So confusing yet so straightforward. 
So deep and so meaningful.
It brings comfort and joy but at times it brings tears and pain.

One of nature's best gift to us and the universe's greatest energy.
One of life's greatest blessing, other than life itself.

What does it mean to you? 

Will share more of my thoughts on this soon but for now, these photos are a representation of my expressions of me in a piece of LOVE!

I'm in this black and white look today and I'm reminded that nothing is black and white. One of life's paradox.

Today is the release of aere's LOVE collection which was showcased at Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 on 26th October 2016, just 2 days before #aereTURNS2. The opportunity to have aere's first international fashion show came right after our KLFW  2016 fashion show and the London trade show. We had only 2 months to prepare but all praises to the Almighty and thanks to a great team, everything went well and beautifully. Blessed for the opportunity to spread aere's wings.

I was supposed to go out for a fashion event earlier today but as I just came back to work I had meetings, planning discussions and brainstorming sessions with aere's team for upcoming happenings which couldn't be postponed. It was less rainy today and more sunny compared to yesterday and so I quickly had this shots taken before the day started. Hope you're having a great and productive Wednesday!

Outfit Details
aere's CERUS Pants
Oreo Georgette dUCkscarves
Cookie DIDA for Women

Photo by Hazimah


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