Dubai Mentorship 1 : Rabia Z

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I first saw Rabia Z at London Modest Fashion Week at the Saatchi Gallery in London  February last year, 2017. Actually wanted to have a chat with her but she was too busy and was swarmed with people all around her. At Dubai Modest Fashion Week 3 months ago in December 2017, I saw her during the fittings and was surprised to know that she is also the Creative Director at the event. I was so happy to have the chance to work together with her and she gave her input during the fitting and before the fashion show and I'm just so appreciative of her feedback. aere's first fashion show in Dubai last year, December 2017 went on really well and I'm just super proud of aere's first show in Dubai. aere's show and aere's pieces from the PEACE collection has already been featured in a number of publications in UAE as well as Malaysia.

This time around, other than having aere's second fashion show here at the Cove Beach here in Dubai, launching our debut Abaya for Ramadhan collection as well as participating in the trade exhibition Pret-A-Cover Buyers Lane organised by IFDC, I am actually here for another major reason. 

It is for aere of course and it is a structured and customised mentorship course with Rabia Z. She selected and approached me to be apart of this program. Seriously you can just google her to find lots of articles about the amazing, legendary and experienced person that she is. 

So yes, one of the reasons I’m here in Dubai is I’ve been undergoing a customised mentorship session with one of the most well known experts of the modest fashion business industry Rabia Zargarpur or @rabiazbrand. She has been hailed as a pioneer by CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, BoF and Bloomberg amongst others. As I’m posting this I’m actually in my room in Dubai in between doing my research, homework and exercises that I’ve been tasked with before my next session with her tomorrow and the day I leave.  I feel like I don't have enough time!!! So many things to think about, reflect, digest and absorb but I believe that it’s just the perfect timing for @aere

I shared in my recent post KL TO DUBAI, ROUND 2 that I had a late check in the day I arrived and as soon as I freshen up a bit after the long and bumpy flight, I met with Rabia to start our very first mentorship session. At first we sat at the business meeting room but we had to change it to a different location so Rabia drove and brought me to Emaar Boulevard near the Burj Khalifa. I captured a number of photos from the moving car including one shot of the Burj Khalifa. The first photo above with the UAE flag at the background and the lights of the Dubai street is just outside the venue where we had the first session, Pappa Roti.

We started the session with an introduction in the car heading to the venue. We kept talking about aere, the brand and everything related to it and suddenly realised that it was already 11pm in Dubai, 3am in Malaysia. No wonder my eyes and the contacts became too dry. We changed to another venue beside Pappa Roti which served Middle Eastern food and had dinner and continued the session until after midnight. I reached the hotel at about 12.30am Dubai time, that is 4.30am Malaysian time. 

Though I was just so physically exhausted and jet lagged I am just so grateful for the first session I had. The insights and feedbacks that I received makes all the exhaustion and dried eyes worthwhile. There are a lot of things for me to digest, absorb and reflect about the brand and I'm glad I'm a part of the Rabia Z Mentorship Program.  

Will share more soon!  

Happiness Street from the hotel on the way to the venue where we had the first mentorship session !

View of the Burj on our way to the venue.

I'm wearing aere's ELLIA Top. Photo by Rabia Z

This is where I'm doing all the homeworks, exercises and tasks for the program right now.


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